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What is Homecoming?

Are you excited for Homecoming? Do you even know what homecoming is at Millersville?

If not, keep reading!

By the time you are finished reading you will understand why Homecoming is such a big event here in Millersville and know all, or most, of the favorite Homecoming Traditions.

  1. Wearing all MU Insignia – This is a time for everyone to dress up in their best Millersville University clothing and colors, everyone likes to get creative and represent the university in their own special way. You will see people with painted faces and guys with painted stomachs for the Football game, as well all kinds of Homecoming t-shirts that students have made to get in the Homecoming spirit. If you want to fit in and look like a real MU student, get dressed in Black and Gold from head to toe! Have fun getting together with your friends to make custom t-shirts or planning to wear all matching clothes and look like a team, it’s up to you how you do it, but do Millersville Proud!
  2. Breakfast before the Parade – The Parade is early, much earlier than most students like to be awake on a Saturday morning. To get in the spirit and wake up many students get together with their friends before the parade to make breakfast and get ready for the day-long festivities. This is the time everyone gets ready in their best MU colors, paint their faces, and get riled up for the football game later, and what better way to wake up and get excited for Homecoming than with friends!
  3. Homecoming Parade – Come watch the Parade with the Office of Global Education! This is an event that the entire Millersville and surrounding community like to get involved with and come out to watch, not just students!
  4. Tailgating before the Football Game: After the parade students like to get together to “tailgate” before the football game, which includes grilling outside, eating food, playing games and just enjoying the outdoors with their friends before the football game starts. Students do this in a variety of places such as their apartments and often play Football, Frisbee, Kan Jam (game where you have to fly a Frisbee into a hole cut out of a black container) and many other games! The university also has tailgating events planned in the area next to the Football Stadium and the Sugar Bowl. There is an Alumni & Friends Tent Party from 11:00am – 3:00 pm where you can get free food, drinks, and just hang out with friends before the Homecoming football game at 2:00p.m.  Photo I.D. is required for beverage service (age 21 or older!). This event is open to all students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends.
  5. Marauder Zone. This area is a student “tailgating” party before the football game that is in the Byerly Parking lot next to the Stadium and features student organizations, games, student performances and other entertainment before the big game!
  6. Millersville Marauder’s vs. Lock Haven University Football Game. The game starts at 2:00pm at the Stadium and includes a half-time show to introduce the MU Student Homecoming King and Queen. Game Admission is free as long as you have your MU I.D. So don’t go anywhere without your I.D. on Homecoming!

Last but not least, regardless of what you do for Homecoming be sure to stay safe and have fun. These are just a few of the things that MU students like to do, so have fun and make your own traditions and memories!

Hershey Park in the Dark

Sign up by October 16th! (Cost $35)

Hershey Park is an local amusement park founded by Milton S. Hershey who founded the Hershey Chocolate Company. Chocolate is a common theme at the park! The park has many different kinds of rides including roller coasters and water rides in the warmer months. Come join the staff at Global Education and travel with us to Hershey Park. Hershey Park in the Dark is a special event held in October for the Halloween festivities. Take a flashlight tour at night, watch special shows, and have fun!


Homecoming Porch Party!

RSVP by October 16th! 

(Let us know that you are coming)

The Office of Global Educationand Partnerships is hosting its annual

Homecoming Porch Party

On Saturday, October 24th from 9 – 11:30 am.

 With a prime location on George Street, you will be able to enjoy the best parts of the Homecoming Parade without having to go anywhere!

There will be many new people for you to meet including past study abroad participants, Millersville Alumni, professors and faculty.

We will have food and drinks, as well as an opportunity for everyone to vote for their favorite pumpkin from the Pumpkin Carving Contest!

9:00 AM – 11:30 AM Porch Party at the Office of Global Education: This event is free.The party is for international students, past study abroad students, and alumni of Millersville University. Light food and drinks will be provided. This is a time to relax and have a fun Saturday morning. You will have a great view of the Millersville Homecoming Parade!

9:00 AM Millersville Homecoming Parade “Superheroes.” Herr Avenue, Landis Avenue and N. George Street, Millersville. The 19th annual parade includes over 2,000 participants along a two-mile route. One of Lancaster County’s largest parades, with 15-20 varied music groups (i.e., Millersville University and high school bands, drum and bugle corps, bagpipers, U.S. Armed Forces bands, a steel drum band, a Philadelphia Mummers band), floats, impersonators, mascots/inflatable costumed characters, fire and emergency groups, twirlers, antique vehicles and more.

Volunteer for the Multicultural Showcase

Millersville University’s Multicultural Showcase Committee is seeking your help!


The  Multicultural Showcase Committee is looking for interested international students to be information resources for this year’s Multicultural Showcase.

What is the Multicultural Showcase?

This is an event to help educate Millersville students on different cultures from around the world through entertainment, by using student/club presenters and educators, and sharing good food. Student organizations choose a country or culture to represent, setup a table with their country/culture and become part of the overall event. The showcase is on Nov 18th from 6-9pm in the SMC MPR. 

This year’s theme is concentrating on countries represented by the students at MU. We hope to show the campus just how diverse Millersville’s population is!

How can you help/volunteer?

The committee is looking for interested students to be resources for the student organizations so that they can represent their country/culture as best as possible. If you are interested in assisting the committee to put on the best showcase possible and be part of something great at MU, please contact Adesola Adebakin, Please let them know what country or culture you would like to help represent or which one you would like to help provide information for.

Thank you!

Getting Involved on Campus

Are you interested in getting involved on campus? Want to join a sports team or be a part of a club?

Great because we want YOU to attend Organization Outbreak!

What is Organization Outbreak? Only the biggest gathering of campus clubs and organizations of the year! Our campus has a selection of 150+ student organizations to choose from that let you “Get Involved” with and explore what our campus has to offer.

The clubs and organizations range from academic and professional to spirituality focused and multicultural, allowing you to explore your interests and become involved with your fellow students. Joining a campus club or organization is a great way to meet Millersville students that share common interests and make lifelong friends. No matter what your interests are, there is a student organization for YOU.

If you would like to learn more about the clubs Millersville has to offer before the event, check out our Get Involved website where you can browse the list of clubs and learn a little more about what they are all about. Visit or click the ‘Get Involved’ Link on the right side of this page to learn more.

Do you play soccer? Are you interested in learning how to play American football? Maybe you like to play volleyball or run?

What better way to meet new friends and have fun being active than joining a club sport or participating in Millersville Intramural sports. Come to Organization Outbreak and meet some of the students that run our Millersville Intramural and Club Sports here on campus and learn how you can join a team or create your own team today!

If you missed the event on September 3rd, don’t worry! Head on over to Organization Outbreak at the Student Memorial Center (SMC) on Thursday, September 16th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm to see how you can join. The event will be held outside the SMC on the Promenade, and inside the SMC in the MPR room if it rains.

Social Security Number

Social Security/ On-campus Employment Workshop


Monday, September 14th 9:00 am – 10:00 am

 Tuesday, September 15th 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Social Security Runs:

Must attend one of the workshops

Thursday, September 17th 10:00 am | 2:00 pm (These times may  change)

Wednesday, September 23rd Time TBD

Friday, September 25th Time TBD


Getting a Social Security Number

In order to be authorized to work, receive money for work, pay taxes, get a driver’s license, or open up a bank account at certain banks in the United States, you need a Social Security number.

Social Security Number also known as a Tax Identification Number is a code the the government uses to track and report on a person’s wages. Although many companies and services may ask you to give your Social Security number, you generally aren’t required to provide one if you don’t have to. For some services, a Social Security number is required.

How do I get a Social Security Number? 

If you want to get a Social Security number please attend one of our workshops (dates listed above). At the workshop you will get more detailed information and instructions. At the workshop you will also sign up for a Social Security Run later that week. The Office of Global Education will drive students to the Social Security Office during certain times. This process can take a long time depending on how busy the office is. Please sign up for a time when you are available for at least 2.5 hours (it may not take the whole 2.5 hours).

What do I need to bring with me to the Social Security Office? 

Please bring with you:

  • The Application for a Social  Security Card( Form 22-5) – This will be given to you during the workshop.
  • Two original documents proving your identity, immigration status, age
    • Passport or foreign birth certificate
    • I-20
    • I-94
  • Sponsorship letter from The Office of Global Education – This will be given to you.


Fall 15 Orientation

Wednesday, August 19th: Arrival Day!

Get your MU ID Card – available until 2:30 pm

Check-in for on-campus residents

6:35 pm – Welcome Dinner (Bolger Conference Center, University Room)

Thursday, August 20th: Bring your passport, SEVIS I-20 and visa

8:30 am – Breakfast with the Office of Global Education

9:15 am – University Student Code of Conduct

10:30 am – Paperwork and Immigration Documents

11:00 am – Academic Adjustment at MU

12:30 pm – Lunch & Walking Tour of Campus

2:00 pm – Meal Plans & How They Work

2:30 pm – Health Services and Immunization Process

3:00 pm – Wal-Mart and Park City Mall  – Shopping for Necessities

8:30 pm – First Residence Hall Meeting (Mandatory for on-campus students)

9:30 pm – Residence Hall Socials (on-campus students only)

Friday, August 21stBring your passport, SEVIS I-20 and visa

7:30 am – Breakfast at the Upper Deck in Gordinier (Off-campus students breakfast on your own)

8:15 am – Undergraduate Degree Student Department Meetings

9:00 am – Get your MU ID Card if you did not get it on Wednesday

10:15 am – Professor and Staff, Meet and Greet

11:30 am – Technology and Printing at MU

12:30 pm – MU Campus Information Fair and Lunch

1:45 pm – Library Research and Resources

3:00 pm – Life at and Around MU

– Immigration Regulations, On Campus Employment, and other F-1 Visa Issues

4:45 pm – Student Social Activities – Fast Friends, Marauder Treasure Hunt, Pizza Party

Saturday, August 22nd:

10:30 am – Depart for Downtown Lancaster

1:00 pm – Lunch at Good N’ Plenty Restaurant

2:30 pm – Amish Tour

8:00 pm – Optional Evening Activities at SMC, Marauder Courts, and MU Pond

9:30 pm – Glow Party at SMC, MPR

Sunday, August 23rd:

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm – Quad Fest at Brooks Field