We Are Global

‘We Are Global’ aims to spread awareness of the international student and faculty populations, study abroad opportunities and past participants, and the international initiatives of MU. We hope to show the diversity of the campus and show that you can participate in global initiatives no matter your age, gender, ethnicity, major, class standing, and more! In this campaign, we are interviewing Millersville study abroad students, faculty, and international students and scholars!

You are one of the faces that represents everything international at Millersville University! For this reason, we at Global Education would love for you to participate in ‘We Are Global.’

Just send the following to Christina.Kinney@Millersville.edu 

  •  3-5 pictures of yourself
  • Answers to supplemental questions below


  • What is your home country?
  • Why did you come to study/(or teach for scholars) at Millersville University?
  • What fun trips/excursions/events did you participate in (so far)?
  • What is one new cultural thing you learned?
  • What would you like to share with the campus community about your culture or country?
  • Anything else that you would like to share
  • Would you be willing to be in a quick video for Global Education’s social media? (Yes, or No)

Responses will be archived in our office and posted on our various social media accounts within the next year. This will allow the Millersville community to learn about you and your home culture.