What to do over winter break

With final exams lurking right around the corner, Winter break is more appealing than ever. If you’re not heading back to your home country over the break, you might be looking for things to do with your 5 weeks of free time. Look no further, Global Ed has provided some of their favorite winter activities to keep you occupied while you give yourself that mental break that you need.

  • Visit New York City! If you haven’t already seen America’s most famous city, or even if you have, go visit. Christmas time in New York is magical. You can ice skate in front of the Rockefeller tree, a giant tree, usually 70-100 ft (21-30 m) tall, that is erected and decorated in midtown Manhattan and kept on display up until January. Rockefeller center has so many fun Christmas activities to do that are fun for all ages. If it’s after the holidays, or you have had enough of Christmas, NYC is also a great city to go and indulge in your guilty pleasures. Whether it’s eating great food, checking out all of the tourist hot spots, or shopping until you drop, NYC has it all.
  • A little closer to home is Philadelphia. Philadelphia, much like NYC, is a city filled with opportunity for fun, while staying a little closer to Millersville. If you want to continue to learn even while you’re on break, visit some of the many museums that Philadelphia has to offer. If the thought of ice skating outdoors in NYC sounded fun, but it’s a little too far for you, try the Blue Cross River Rink in Philadelphia! You can rent skates and no one will judge you if you fall down a few times. Philadelphia is another city full of delicious restaurants and cafes, so finding a nice place to eat in between your fun activities won’t be hard.
  • Longwood Gardens Christmas Display. Longwood Gardens is a garden made up of over 1,000 acres of land that is open year-round with various displays for people to walk through. During the holidays, from now until January 7, Longwood Gardens has a display called Longwood Christmas. This is where the entire gardens are decorated in beautiful, colorful Christmas lights, inside and out. It takes about 2 hours, but you can walk around the entire garden and see all of the landscapes. There is a student rate of $20 for admission if you buy here!
  • Enjoy some winter sports! If you enjoy soccer, take a trip to watch Harrisburg Heat play, Lancaster County’s indoor soccer league! If you love hockey, check out the Hershey Bears, or take a trip to Philly to see our Philadelphia Flyers. If basketball is your favorite, go watch the Philadelphia 76ers play for a relatively cheap price. Even though the weather is getting colder, winter sports are just heating up!

No matter the weather, there are endless activities to keep you busy this winter. If adventuring to NYC is not your thing, go see a movie (all of the best movies come out at the end of the year). If we get lucky and it starts to snow early, go out and build a snowman. One thing is for sure, you definitely won’t be bored this winter, and spring semester will start before you know it.