What is Homecoming?

Are you excited for Homecoming? Do you even know what homecoming is at Millersville?

If not, keep reading!

By the time you are finished reading you will understand why Homecoming is such a big event here in Millersville and know all, or most, of the favorite Homecoming Traditions.

  1. Wearing all MU Insignia – This is a time for everyone to dress up in their best Millersville University clothing and colors, everyone likes to get creative and represent the university in their own special way. You will see people with painted faces and guys with painted stomachs for the Football game, as well all kinds of Homecoming t-shirts that students have made to get in the Homecoming spirit. If you want to fit in and look like a real MU student, get dressed in Black and Gold from head to toe! Have fun getting together with your friends to make custom t-shirts or planning to wear all matching clothes and look like a team, it’s up to you how you do it, but do Millersville Proud!
  2. Breakfast before the Parade – The Parade is early, much earlier than most students like to be awake on a Saturday morning. To get in the spirit and wake up many students get together with their friends before the parade to make breakfast and get ready for the day-long festivities. This is the time everyone gets ready in their best MU colors, paint their faces, and get riled up for the football game later, and what better way to wake up and get excited for Homecoming than with friends!
  3. Homecoming Parade – Come watch the Parade with the Office of Global Education! This is an event that the entire Millersville and surrounding community like to get involved with and come out to watch, not just students!
  4. Tailgating before the Football Game: After the parade students like to get together to “tailgate” before the football game, which includes grilling outside, eating food, playing games and just enjoying the outdoors with their friends before the football game starts. Students do this in a variety of places such as their apartments and often play Football, Frisbee, Kan Jam (game where you have to fly a Frisbee into a hole cut out of a black container) and many other games! The university also has tailgating events planned in the area next to the Football Stadium and the Sugar Bowl. There is an Alumni & Friends Tent Party from 11:00am – 3:00 pm where you can get free food, drinks, and just hang out with friends before the Homecoming football game at 2:00p.m.  Photo I.D. is required for beverage service (age 21 or older!). This event is open to all students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends.
  5. Marauder Zone. This area is a student “tailgating” party before the football game that is in the Byerly Parking lot next to the Stadium and features student organizations, games, student performances and other entertainment before the big game!
  6. Millersville Marauder’s vs. Lock Haven University Football Game. The game starts at 2:00pm at the Stadium and includes a half-time show to introduce the MU Student Homecoming King and Queen. Game Admission is free as long as you have your MU I.D. So don’t go anywhere without your I.D. on Homecoming!

Last but not least, regardless of what you do for Homecoming be sure to stay safe and have fun. These are just a few of the things that MU students like to do, so have fun and make your own traditions and memories!