“Why I Love My Students” by Dr. Francine McNairy

President McNairy was the author of the “Sunday’s Guest” column in the May 20th, 2012 edition of the Lancaster Sunday News. In her article “Why I love my students,” Dr. McNairy expressed the following sentiments regarding the effects of studying abroad that she has witnessed while at Millersville University:

“The talented, highly motivated and bright students in our Honors College and Global Studies Programs also cause me to beam with pride. Their faces glow when they describe their life-altering experiences as a result of studying abroad. I marvel at their growth as students and as individuals when they share their expanded worldview and respect for other cultures.”

Along the same lines of Dr. McNairy’s statements, the Office of Global Education is also extremely proud of the dedication that MU students put forth in order to make Millersville University a more globally understanding and enriched campus.