Fall Semester 2018

The fall semester is approaching, all incoming freshmen are fearing the tension and nervousness. But since I’m a PSSI student, I will not face these tension. I said this because PSSI already prepared me for the upcoming fall. I was thought how to read correctly and writing. I learned a lot of helpful strategies on how to read an article or a book. Some strategies I learned where; visual note taking, outlining strategies. Even though there were several strategies, I found these two interesting and helpful.

I said visual note-taking because I’ve never tried it before. When it was introduced to me by the librarians, I decided to try it. After that, it came to a conclusion that I was able to understand the lessons clearly. Not only I was able to learn and understand, I was also able to apply to all my classes. The second strategies that were used were called “outlining.” This reading sstradigie was used in both Dr. Garcias and Dr. Corkery’s class. With outlining, I was able to do less reading; used high lighter to identify the most important point of a story or a book.

Since I had this important opportunity to learn these strategies, I’m going to put it to good use this fall. I plane to use both strategies because as an incoming freshman, i will not be able to go through hardship.

My New Reading Strategies!

After looking at some new strategies, like visual note taking, I learned how to do some work faster and smarter. I said this because this new way of reading shorten my time and I was also able to gain more time to complete other assignments. In both Dr. Garcia’s and Dr. Corkery’s class, I used these strategies to pass my test and do assignments on time.

Some examples are, when I’m reading an article, I use my outlining strategies. I said this because with outlining, you can gain knowledge and understanding of the articles. I underline important bullets point which will allow me to understand and gain knowledge. Furthermore, I used “visual” during class to take notes. For example; in Dr. Garcia’slass, I remember most of the notes, but it still takes some notes to add on to it.

Visual and outline were the two strategies I chose to try and they both worked good, but at the same time, there were some struggles and a hard time in doing so. But most importantly, I was able to do my work and hand it in on time.