Fall Semester *Action*

Hey Blogsters!

So, the summer is coming to an end and classes start next Monday on August 27th, 2018; Isn’t that exciting!

In my learning how to learn class this summer, I learned to very important strategies that are very helpful with classes. Those are note-taking and reading strategies. I found, that while taking summer courses they have been very helpful, when taking notes and reading different articles that have been assigned. The reading strategies help students keep an open mind while reading and also help keep them from getting distracted, so they can really understand the main points.  The note-taking strategies help the student to take good notes, as well as having good annotating strategy. These strategies, if you use them correctly, help with time so the student won’t spend a huge amount of time on one subject or one assignment.

I do recommend that college students use both strategies, especially incoming freshmen, it will help out a lot. I will be using them, because I’ve noticed how much I’ve done with homework in 2 hours.

I hope this post helps you guys! Good luck & have a great year!

Note Taking

Hey Blogsters,

I’ve been taking a “learning how to learn” workshop (LHL) with Ms. Michele in the library every Tuesday at 4pm with some other fellow classmates.

Ms. Michele has been touching base on “note taking”. It’s been very helpful, especially in classes where you’re taking a lot of notes everyday such as: Anthropology and English. You want to take good notes and not just writing everything down, because you’ll just be wasting your time and the ink in your pen. The note taking strategies have especially helped me in Dr. Garcia’s anthropology class, because he assigns articles every night for homework. Some articles are long and some are short, but it’s good to take notes on each article you’ve read because the next day you’re most likely to have a quiz on the article. The strategy that I’ve used the most so far is annotating and highlighting. It’s very helpful to highlight names, locations, important dates, and quotes because they’ll most likely be on the quiz. It’s also good to highlight little things to because that will probably be a bonus question on the quiz to see if you were actually paying attention while reading. Also, I have been writing little symbols, pictures, words, and side notes to help me remember the important key points of the readings.