BASW Program and Forms

The social work program at Millersville University leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in social work. Millersville’s social work baccalaureate program is professionally accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Based on the general education curriculum, the social work curriculum is designed to prepare students for beginning professional practice in social agencies and other settings where social workers are employed. The program educates the general practitioner; therefore, it is built on basic required courses. However, it also allows students to explore areas of interest through elective courses and field instruction assignments.

The curriculum is designed to help students integrate knowledge and theories from many academic disciplines with social work concepts, values, and practice skills. Courses in the social work program attempt to develop an understanding of the human condition and human diversity. The social work major needs to understand biological, psychological and sociocultural aspects of human development; characteristics of human interaction with the social environment; the role, structure and function of social welfare policies and programs; social work intervention methods; and social work research findings and methods. In addition to theoretical instruction, students are given ample opportunity for practical experience. The experiential requirements begin in the introductory courses and carry through to formal work in advanced courses. The culmination is 450 hours practicum.  If you want more information visit the Millersville School of Social Work Website.


Professional Readiness

Field Education Manual and Forms