Campus Recreation

The mission of the Department of Campus Recreation at Millersville University is to provide an opportunity for members of the Millersville community to participate in physical activities that help develop the overall wellness of the participant. Campus Recreation also oversees Intramural Sports and putting together programming that strives to keep students engaged in the Millersville University Community.

For more information on the services Campus Recreation provides, visit their website.

Rita Smith Wade-El Intercultural Center

The Dr. Rita Smith Wade-El Intercultural Center’s main purpose is for creating and sustaining a welcoming and inclusive campus at Millersville University. It is about recognizing, accepting, and celebrating differences within our campus and surrounding community. They aim to provide students opportunities to explore their multiple identities and learn about the background and experiences of others. Together, we hope to create a culture of inclusion, equity, and a sense of belonging here on campus and beyond. Their office offers an array of programs, discussions, workshops, social events, and resources to spark self-discovery.

You can visit their website to see more about the programs the Intercultural Center has to offer.

Department of Campus Life (DCL)

The Department of Campus Life is the University’s go-to place for students wanting to get involved on campus, serve their community, and develop their leadership skills. Students who are active participants in the life of the college are more likely to persist and be successful in college. Getting involved provides students the opportunity to build connections with fellow students, faculty and staff and to develop lifelong friends and mentors. Campus Life provides numerous opportunities for students to “GetInvolved”, no matter what their interests are.

For more information on just what DCL does for the University Community, visit their website.

Student Government Association (SGA)

If your student is interested in making a difference on campus and getting some great professional experience, then this is the organization for them! Student Government Association handles student issues/concerns, the recognition/funding of clubs, and more. They meet Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. every week to discuss general membership business. Here are various contact methods for the Organization as well as the list of current Executives.

  • Want to become a Senator? Contact: SGASocial@millersville.edu
  • Starting a new club? Contact: SGAOrgs@millersville.edu
  • Have a concern? Contact: SGAConcerns@millersville.edu
  • Questions about finances? Contact: SGAFinance@millersville.edu

 Executive Board Members:

President – John Smith IV

Vice President – Emily Newton

Director of Finance – Ryan Malesic

Director of Student Life – Mamie Covell

Director of Organizations – Anna Donnelly

Director of Academics – Najiyyah Pendleton

Director of Social Affairs – Leizel Schlott

Secretary – Riley Boike

Contact Email: sgapresident@millersville.edu