Family Engagement Portal 2020

Welcome Parents and Family Members!

Welcome to the Millersville University Family Engagement Portal! This website is packed with all the information you, as family members of incoming/current students will need to know as we move toward the Orientation process and beyond. This is an exciting time for you and your student! Millersville University wants to create a strong partnership with you; one that best supports your student in reaching their educational objectives.

Under the “Orientation 2020” tab, there are links to the “MU to Go” schedules and signups as well as registration and related information for the “GRIT for Families” live-remote presentations. Both of these recurring sessions will be happening multiple times throughout the summer but do require registration beforehand. You will also find an Orientation Schedule under this menu as well. All relevant information can be found under that tab.

There is a tab for our “Family Blog” feed which posts regular content (most recent posts are featured on top) including video tutorials on accessing MU platforms, University press information, Orientation process updates, and more. All of these posts are structured in a format that makes it easy for you to access only the content you wish to read/watch.

You will find that there are links to campus resources such as buildings and facilities, university resources, and student services under the “Our Campus” tab in the menu. There you can discover the academic and professional development services that are available to students throughout the year as well as in-depth descriptions of all our facilities.

Among the remainder of the menus, you will find frequently asked questions under our “Helpful Info” tab. Answers to questions about what the credit system is like, what fees are used for, major events in the academic calendar, ways to support your student during these transitions, and more are all included in this tab. There are links to external Millersville resources as well as a direct link to the full faculty and staff directory known as “People Finder” also under this menu.

Lastly, the “Specialty Content” tab will feature interviews with Department heads and faculty members, information about our community-building events, a rich historical account of Millersville’s past, and other fun surprises that we are looking forward to sharing with you.

Should you have any questions for us or would like to get in touch with the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs, feel free to use the “Contact Us” tab to voice those comments. We would be happy to get back with you.

Thank you for exploring the Family Engagement Portal and we are grateful to you, the parents and family members of our incoming and current students, for your steadfast support of our Millersville community. Go, Marauders!