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Reflection on Notetaking and Notetaking Application

Sketcho Frenzy: The Basics of Visual Note-taking

UPDATE: Watch more videos here . I see that a lot of people have been asking about how I made the video, I actually drew everything by hand first, turned them into vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator, and then animated the whole thing using Adobe Flash 🙂 My information design thesis in college.

This is about visual notetaking. Visual notetaking can really help you take your notes to another level.

Reflection on Reading Workshop & my Reading Practices

At first I was skeptical about anything helping me be a better reader because I’ve kind of built my learning brand around being good at this. Then I realized that being good at one kind of reading doesn’t necessarily translate to reading for another field of study or for another purpose.

Being reminded of how to preview texts was really important. I tend to do this with academic articles when I’m helping students find relevant research but I tend to not apply this as well to my own research practices. Some of this might be emotional in the sense that even experienced researchers panic when they feel like they are reading something that is “above their heads.” When that happens, you need to both not be so judgemental towards yourself but also go back to some basic strategies. Sometimes the advice you give others would also be helpful to apply to yourself; it’s important to not give up but also be compassionate towards yourself when you’re learning something brand new.

Reflection on Strengths Finder Inventory

So I just got the results from my Strengths Finder and I was kind of surprised by how strategic of a thinker I am since I frequently find myself second-guessing some of my decisions.  Maybe it’s something that comes fairly intuitively to me and I always assumed that being strategic would have to be more logically oriented, more planned out ahead of time. I admit too that I’ve read something almost “Machiavellian” about being a strategic thinker and this may have influenced how I felt about identifying with it.  But maybe someone can be strategic in the service of higher, more idealistic aims so that it’s not such a bad thing?

Welcome to his example of an e-portfolio reflective blog!

The purpose of these posts is to illustrate how we can become more adept at learning how to learn so as to set the stage for future academic success. You will be asked not only to write these posts in relation to your coursework but you will also need to reflect upon patterns/themes that emerge between the posts and one “artifact” or completed project of your choice.