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Stephanie Wenger

Stephanie Wenger

Stephanie Wenger is graduating with a BA in English this spring. Stephanie’s kindness and thoughtfulness have always enhanced our sense of community within the English Department.

Stephanie Wenger loved her time at Millersville. She fell in love with this school as soon as she set foot on campus. Her experience at Millersville was made special by all the friends she made and all the opportunities she had to grow into the professional, hard-working person she is today.

Stephanie took advantage of the many clubs and leadership opportunities on campus throughout her college career. As President of the English Club, Stephanie organized many excursions outside of campus to see plays, films, and readings. She also led weekly meetings with club members to discuss all things English.

Dr. Corkery, the advisor for the English Club, praised Stephanie for her hard work, “Stephanie is remarkably kind and thoughtful.  You can see how she cares about including people in whatever she does from the way she collaborates.  She wants the group to thrive, not just herself.  She has been a wonderful contributor to our English community.  Thanks Stephanie!”

She was also on the e-board of the National Society of Leadership and Success as the vice-president and took part in George Street Press where she was published in the 2018-2019 issue.

Stephanie Wenger

While English majors are only required to complete one internship for their degree, Stephanie decided to pursue two internships to expand her professional skill set. Her first internship was with the Archives and Special Collections through the McNairy Library where she worked with the YWCA collection. She also interned with Housing and Residential Programs where she worked as the marketing intern. Her job was to write for the


blog and create social media content.

Looking back at all the English courses she’s taken, Stephanie remembers two classes she loved the most. The first was World Literature with Professor Skucek, and the second was Web Writing with Dr. Pfannenstiel. She loved these classes because she found the content fascinating and the professors were wonderful.

As of right now, Stephanie doesn’t have any set plans after she graduates. However, she is working on getting a job in the marketing writing field.

Congratulations, Stephanie! We are so proud of all your accomplishments, and we hope you keep in touch.

MUsings 2019 Graduate Publication

MUsings began at Millersville to showcase the research and creative work of graduate students here at the university. We have been publishing work online since 2016, and publishing in print for well over a decade.

All the English graduate assistants of Millersville work on the journal in the fall and spring semesters. Professor Joyce Anderson of English is the faculty adviser of the journal, and this year the English department’s head graduate assistant Maria Rovito is the lead editor. MUsings also collaborates and works with other faculty and staff in graphic design, university marketing, graduate studies, the McNairy Library, Made in Millersville, English, and social work.

If you are interested in getting your graduate work published, submit to the journal. A publication will impress future employers, and if you are interested in going into higher education, a publication helps establish your credibility as a scholar. The journal is both in print and online. If you are accepted into the journal you have the option to present at Made in Millersville in the spring of 2019.

All graduate students at Millersville can submit to the journal, no matter their degree program or discipline. We accept any work that is academic, creative, or artistic. Some examples include academic articles, fiction, poetry, artistic works, and personal essays.

The deadline for the spring 2019 issue is November 1, 2018. Right now we are finishing the spring 2018 issue, and we will start accepting work for the spring 2019 issue in November.

Here is where you can submit your piece and find more information.

Submission Criteria:

  • Maximum two prose submissions (scholarly or creative) or up to five poems or visual works or art
  • Less than 10,000 words in length

Please contact either Professor Joyce Anderson or Maria Rovito with any questions.

Thanks to Maria Rovito for her collaboration.