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Alumna Profile: Lea Scott

I currently work as a 9-12 school counselor at a Career and Technical Education (CTE) school in Chester County, PA.  After graduating from the ‘Ville in 2005, I took a teaching job at the same school, instructing grades 9-12 in World Literature, British Literature, and American Literature.  I finished my Master’s in secondary counseling at West Chester University in December of 2012 and took on a counseling job in July of 2013.

I consistently reference my English roots and my office is filled with YA novels and undergraduate texts as well!  Reading is still one of my very favorite hobbies.

Alumna Profile: Nicole Quaste

Nicole Quaste
Nicole Quaste

I attended Millersville as an English major from 2009–2013. I then went onto grad school at Villanova and completed my Masters in English Literature with a Certificate in Communications in May.

I currently work a Yardley, PA-based company called FXExpress Publications, Inc. as an assistant editor for travel publications Global Traveler, Trazee Travel and Wherever Family.

I’m grateful to Millersville every day and miss it dearly.

Scholarships App

Throughout our years here at Millersville, English professors have worried about how our students often have to split their time between learning and working.  As professors, we want our students to get the most out of our teaching, and it’s difficult to engage students who are tired or underprepared to do their best.  The English faculty often wished there was some way to make it so that our students didn’t have to work while taking courses.

While English doesn’t have the funding to free everyone from work, we do want to offer an opportunity that may help a significant number of you who are willing to take the initiative to find your own funding.  It’s called Scholly, a scholarship-finding application that English will now provide free to its students and that they will then have for their lifetimes (grad school awaits!).

To get this app, please email englishoffice@millersville.edu from your millersville email with your name and M#, stating that you are an English student.  You will be sent back an activation code that you can then use to set up your own personal Scholly account, customized with your unique qualifications. The rest is up to you. I do ask that if you score a scholarship, you let us know at englishoffice@millersville.edu—we want to know whether this app is useful for future students.

In addition to this app (free to you), the following sites are recommended by http://www.financialaidfinder.com:

  • FinancialAidFinder Scholarship Listings
  • FastWeb Database contains more 1.3 million scholarships worth over $3 billion.
  • College Board Database has over $3 billion in aid from 2,300 sources.
  • Sallie Mae American’s leader in college lending provides access to award-winning database with over $16 billion in scholarships from 2.8 million sources.
  • Scholarship Experts Forbes.com’s vote for best scholarship search engine.  2.4 million scholarship and fellowship programs totaling $14 billion. Customized list of scholarships that match student’s hobbies, interests and academic background.
In the hopes that this can help some of you find more time to enjoy reading, writing, viewing, learning, and culture in general.
— Jill Craven, Chair of English