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Presenting at Boundless: Learning in Ticket to Ride

Elizabeth Duchesneau, a freshman English BSE major, presented at the first Boundless Conference held at the Ware Center featuring the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Read more about her experiences below!

Elizabeth Duchesneau presents at Boundless.

On October 11th, Millersville University hosted the very first Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Conference: Boundless. I’m a freshman, so I had never been to a research presentation conference. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew what my topic was and that I wanted to share all the hard work I had poured into my class with Dr. Pfannenstiel.

The first thing I noticed about the conference was that it was laid out as a giant group discussion of the arts and humanities, split into subcategories. Our class was involved in a discussion about learning in games. Because the conference was relatively small, everyone in the audience could add input along with each speaker, and each speaker could be confident that everyone who was there really wanted to be there to hear what they had to say.

The most important part of presenting my topic, Learning in Ticket to Ride, was figuring out how to engage the audience while also providing understanding of what I had learned. My classmates had some great suggestions about how to communicate ideas successfully, such as maintaining eye contact and speaking clearly and loudly. I also wanted to make sure the audience was open-minded towards the topic, especially since it may have been the first time some people had been hearing about it. I did this by giving explanations of various concepts my class knew well, but others may not have.

-Elizabeth Duchesneau