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ENGL 318: Web Writing — Community Service Learning Project

Dr. Pfannenstiel’s Web Writing class participated in a community service learning project with the Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation–read more below! 

Fall 2018 ENGL 318 Web Writing and Content Management engaged in a community service-learning project. This Friday November 16th is ExtraOrdinary Give day in Lancaster County, and I’m happy to announce that students of ENGL 318 created the web content and web content strategy that will be used by Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation (LOHF). Visit their website at lohf.org and their ExtraGive page.

As an AW course, a mix of students from various backgrounds and various majors register for and complete the course. Their enthusiasm for creating web content, with real impact in the community was amazing. I’m sharing a few samples of their work here, to both raise awareness for LOHF and the amazing community work they engage with in creating scholarship for organization supporting mental health in Lancaster County, and for the hard work of students across various disciplines who used web writing and web writing strategy to help further LOHF’s mission to support mental health awareness in Lancaster County.

The work completed by students in the course showcases the real work of web content in a 21st century digital world!

-Dr. Pfannenstiel

Image Created By Karen Layman, Karlee Rice and Vanessa Schneider
Image Created By Amanda Mooney and Leah Hoffman