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Clubs and Organizations

By: Artemis Harris

Millersville offers a variety of options for its students to enrich their educational experience. One such option is the multitude of clubs and organizations available. With so many to choose from, the selection has been narrowed down to a few that fit within the realm of English and World Languages.  

This is by no means an extensive list of clubs and organizations within Millersville or the English and World Languages department. For more information on all clubs and organizations within Millersville, visit the Get Involved home page.  

Although clubs and organizations seem to be geared towards undergraduate students, graduate students will find that they not only align with their interests and majors, but also help to afford them opportunities to utilize what Millersville has to offer more fully. Joining allows graduates to gain leadership/mentorship experience, participate in editing/publishing work, event planning/public relations, and so much more that can be applied to future professional endeavors. 

Clubs that fit within the English and World Languages department: 

Film Club  

The Film Club is dedicated to screening films and discussing the topics presented in them and correlating them to larger social issues. Besides screening films they’ve also participated in events such as screenings at Lancaster’s Zoetropolis, and a few years ago took a trip to the Toronto International Film Festival.  

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Craven  

Executive Board: 

  • President: Molly Dorsey 
  • Vice President: Kayla Gold  
  • Secretary: Chris Herr  
  • Treasurer: Lilly Flynn 

The club holds screenings every Monday at 6pm in SMC 18, where they watch pre-selected films and discuss them. Some upcoming films are as follows:  

  • Monday, April 4 – Interstellar 
  • Monday, April 11 – Mulholland Drive 
  • Monday, April 18 – Time Bandits 
  • Monday, April 25 – The Children’s Hour 
  • Monday, May 2 – Tokyo Godfathers 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more information about the Film Club, you can email Molly Dorsey the current club President at or Kayla Gold the current club Vice President at Visit their Get Involved page to join or contact the club directly.  

The Creative Writers Guild 

The Creative Writers Guild is a space for individuals looking to write in a supportive environment and expand their skills. Their goal is to provide students with an outlet and an audience for their writing (poetry, prose, short stories, etc.). The Creative Writers Guild has a very active presence on their Discord channel where they actively offer advice and help with the creative writing process in all its forms.  

Faculty Advisor: Dr. McCollum-Clark 

Executive Board: 

  • President: Joesph McCarrie  
  • Vice President: Artemis Harris 
  • Secretary: Chanlakena 
  • Treasurer: Amelia Cusanno 

The club meets weekly on Tuesdays at 7:30 virtually and in person (depending on the needs of its members). For the meetings, weekly prompts are provided followed by a voluntary sharing session and a discussion. Writers of all skill levels and concentrations are invited. 

If you have any questions or would like to join The Creative Writers Guild, visit their Get Involved page to contact them directly or join. You can also join them on their Discord Server or follow them on Instagram for updates on upcoming club meetings and events.  

English Club 

The English Club is currently inactive; however, they are working on getting the club up and running. When the club is in full swing, it provides a welcome environment where lovers of verse and manipulators of language can come together to participate in literary activities, field trips, discussions, and more. 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Corkery 

Executive Board:  

  • President: Kevin Nix 
  • Vice President: Jackson Fogel 
  • Secretary: Natalie Flory 
  • Treasurer: Kayla Gold 

The English Club welcomes majors and non-majors, and they plan to host literary themed field trips, events, movie nights, and more.  

If you have any questions, or would like to join the English Club, visit their Get Involved page to contact them directly.  

George Street Press 

George Street Press is not currently active. When George Street Press is active the organization designs, compiles, and edits an annual, professional journal publication of Millersville University student/faculty writings and visual art. This includes poetry, short prose fiction, drama, stylistic nonfiction, painting, drawing, digital designs, and more.  

Faculty Advisor: Dr. McCollum-Clark 

To see current and past editions of George Street Press visit their website 

If you are interested in joining George Street Press, visit the Get Involved page to reach out.  

GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) 

The GSA is an organization located outside of the English and World Languages department. They are an extremely active organization on campus. The GSA strives to make Millersville’s campus safe and welcoming for all. 

The GSA’s mission statement: Provide a safe and comfortable space for sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression minorities and their allies to interact without fear of being judged or discriminated against, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression.  

Faculty Advisor: Arianna Camel 

Executive Board: 

  • President: Alyssa Straface  
  • Vice President: Bex Shenk 
  • Secretary: Grace Lamont 
  • Treasurer: Sara Smith  
  • Historian: Sara Smigielski  
  • Public Relations: Christina Lewis  

Current events they are planning and hope to have this semester include:  

  • Tie-dyeing event (date TBD in April) 
  • Adoption event partnered with ASIA 

The GSA holds meetings every Wednesday from 6-8 PM in SMC 118. Sometimes they will have meetings on their Discord to play games online, or their events will be on different days at different times depending on availability. They cover visibility and awareness days, either through presentations or a fun activity to learn about its history. 

For more information or to join the GSA, visit their Get Involved page.   

Kitsey Shehan

Kitsey is graduating with a BSE degree, and she plans to teach.

Editions of George Street Press

A positive part of Kitsey’s experience at Millersville has been being a part of a community that constantly encourages growth and positivity. She has been involved with George Street Press since her freshman year at the university. Her sophomore year, she became president and helped the club grow in recognition, submissions, and members throughout her time here.

Kitsey’s final edition of the George Street Press is online because of the pandemic.  She describes it as a “true labor of love.”

Kitsey’s favorite course was Innovative Poetry with Dr. Judy Holden-Sullivan. She says it opened her eyes to the concept of poetry as contemporary art. Furthermore, she considers the professor as a friend and mentor throughout her college experience.

Kitsey with the 2019 GSP

Dr. Halden-Sullivan says of her: “Kitsey is a fearless innovator, persistently open to possibilities for inventive thinking–and it’s time for her to bring her gifts to the world. I wish you the best of everything always, Kitsey!”

Kitsey is 2nd from right

Studying pedagogy, Kitsey did her student teaching through PDS with Penn Manor High School. After graduation, she plans on finding a job teaching in the area at either the middle or high school level.

Congratulations, Kitsey! You will be much missed.

Student Profile: Abby Good

Read more about one of our current English majors: Abby Good! 

Abby Good is a senior with a major in Secondary Education English and Inclusive Education 7-12 (Special Education). She answered a few interview questions about her experiences so far at Millersville and where she plans to go in the future.

What made you want to pursue an English degree? Did you always know English was the major for you? What about education?

Abby Good

Ever since I was a little girl, I played ‘teacher’ with stuffed animals and my sister, Ashley (who was always a good student 😉 ). Growing up I had a lot of volunteer experience with elementary aged children and although I enjoyed working with them, it helped me decide that I wanted to teach an older age group. This helped me narrow in on the secondary education aspect of middle and high schoolers.

In regard to the English education part, I wasn’t entirely sure what content area I wanted to pursue probably until my tenth or eleventh grade year of high school. My mom is a Reading Specialist and she works for the IU13 so her passion for literature and all things reading was always a part of my life growing up. I think this influenced me because I always had a book in hand and was always encouraged to read and write. At one point I considered math education based on my experience in high school but eventually came to the conclusion that English was the subject area for me.

I had an internship experience my senior year that really confirmed this for me as I helped out in a ninth grade English course and aided in the classroom. I also had wonderful teachers in my experience at Garden Spot (New Holland, PA). To name a few teachers, Kelly Bohn (now Kelly Trupe), Michelle Custer, and Lisa Burkett all inspired me and helped to show me that reading and writing can be approached in numerous ways and that English isn’t just about learning vocabulary and writing essays. They helped to show me that English classrooms are a safe space where you can learn to express yourself and explore various media to communicate with others. To put it simply, I pursed an English education degree because of my mom’s influence, the impact of my teachers growing up, and my interaction with the subject throughout my schooling.

What’s your favorite book?

This is a very tough question! The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks is a favorite of mine. I also recently read Refugee by Alan Gratz and enjoy novels from the historical fiction genre.

Are you involved in any clubs on campus?

Yes! I am the president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) club on campus. We meet every Wednesday as largely an athlete base, but anyone is welcome to attend our meetings. We usually have some social time, an ice breaker activity, song/worship time, and then a message from a student or guest speaker.

I am also a member of the women’s volleyball team on campus. I have been on the team for all four years of my college career. Unfortunately, because of five knee surgeries, I can no longer play anymore. I’ve only actually played in one official point in a collegiate match and participated in only one off-season because of my injury(ies), but the coaching staff and teammates have always supported me and ‘kept me around’. I attend practices and travel to games and my main role is statistician. I give input to coaches based on what we see during games and at practices and try to help my teammates out by letting them know where I think they might be able to score or let them know when I think they’ve been doing really well. I have loved being a part of the volleyball culture—especially this year as we work towards extending our season in the playoffs and potentially the NCAA tournament!

Do you have any jobs on or off campus?

Over the summer I work as a lifeguard at the New Holland Community Pool. I am also a head lifeguard which puts me in a managerial role most times.

On campus, I work as a student worker for the athletic department. Last year I worked the softball games retrieving foul balls, homerun balls, and things like that.

How do you manage your time?

This is a good question. Overall, I’d say I manage my time with a day planner. I need to write everything down or else I forget, and this provides me a way to do so. Between volleyball, classes, student teaching/interning, and FCA, I have to be very strategic about setting aside time to do laundry, grocery shop, clean, visit my Grandpa (who is in a nursing home in Lititz), and any other responsibilities that arise.

I think because I’m so busy all of the time, it forces me to manage my time better—as silly as that may sound. Every spare moment I have must be intentional, so physically planning out my day on paper allows me to manage the extra time I might have. I have also found that I am more productive if I take a little bit of time to myself, even just fifteen minutes, in order to relax before I dive into a task I need to complete. This helps me maximize the time I have to work on things! I’m an avid fan of checklists and scheduling which helps me prioritize and manage my time.

 What are your future career goals?

My future career goals are to have a classroom of my own! Right now, it’s exciting to be in the field learning from an expert and it makes me even more eager to have a room of my own where I have say over poster choice, design of furniture, and so forth. I can’t wait to start impacting the lives of my students in one way or another!

Do you have any non-career or personal goals for the future?

Some personal goals that I have for the future include having a family one day. I’d also like to own a garden one day because I love to cook, and it sounds fun to be able to make something with ingredients that I’ve grown myself.

What’s your favorite class you’ve taken at Millersville?

I think I have a tie for favorite classes. For my English courses, I really enjoyed ENGL 232 World Literature 2 that I took with Dr. Skucek. The class allowed us to truly read world literature which was something I didn’t have much experience with. Before this class, I was familiar only with European authors. The novels we read helped introduce me to authors from various countries such as Fyodor Dostoevsky, Hermann Hesse, Franz Kafka, Gustave Flaubert, and a few others.

For my favorite education class, I’d have to say EDSE 321 Issues in Secondary Education that I took with Dr. Witmer. In this course, we researched and taught our peers various topics such as school funding, common core, technology in schools, equity in the classroom, funding, test scores, racism, family dynamics, integrated classrooms, and many other issues that may be found in a secondary classroom. It was very eye opening and fun to learn from our peers who acted as the experts in this situation.

How do you think Millersville’s English department has set you up for the future?

I think Millersville’s English department has set me up for the future because they have employees who truly care about students. The professors within the English department are wonderful people who are always available to meet to answer questions you may have and work to adjust their workload when they notice students are feeling overwhelmed. The English department also offers a variety of workshops, promotes speakers, and provides information about excursions that support academic learning and can be added to a professional resume. They are also constantly adding new classes that allow you to gain a new perspective on reading and literature.

Thank you, Abby! Find more student profiles under the “Student Profile” category on the home page. 

Get Involved with English Clubs!

The English Department encourages students to check out the English-related clubs! The English Club, Film Club, George Street Press, and The Snapper give students opportunities to build community and flex their writing and critical-thinking skills. Click on the headings for the clubs’ Get Involved pages.

English Club:

The English Club provides a welcome environment where lovers of language and literature can come together to participate in literary activities, field trips, discussions, and more! Both majors and non-majors are welcome. Meetings will begin at 5:30pm on Thursdays starting September 12th. The location will be sent out via email at a later date. For more information, contact President Stephanie Wenger or Vice President Morgan Reichenbach.

Film Club:

The Film Club is a campus organization where film fans can gather for screenings of films followed by discussion, as well as connect with others with a passion for the art of film across Millersville. The club screens films, both older and more contemporary, and discusses the topics presented by correlating the film to larger societal issues. Film Club will begin screenings on September 16th at 7pm in Club de’Ville and will meet every other Monday afterwards. For more information, visit the club’s Facebook page, contact President Lisa Crum, or email adviser Jill Craven.

George Street Press:

George Street Press is Millersville University’s literary magazine that is open to students and faculty alike. The publication is completely student run and student published, accepting all sorts of work from poetry, short fiction, essays, creative nonfiction, photography, painting and sculpture. If you are interested with assisting in publication, the club meets Monday nights in Club De’Ville (the commuter lounge in the lower level of the SMC) at 9pm. If you would like to submit any work for the Fall 2019 publication, submissions open on November 1st at If you have any questions, contact President Kitsey Shehan or Vice President Sara Pizzo. Updates can be found on the club’s Instagram page.

The Snapper
Editor in Chief Jared Hameloth and Managing Editor Julia Walters at Org Outbreak (Photo courtesy of Jared Hameloth)

The Snapper is Millersville University’s student-run newspaper, providing fair, accurate, and unbiased reporting on a weekly basis for the student body. They are the campus’ independent watchdog, a tireless advocate and champion of student rights. Through the sections and other positions, The Snapper provides students with an opportunity to experience the fields of print and digital media, along with many opportunities to improve their own writing skills. The Snapper’s office is located in the bottom level of the SMC, room 15. They hold weekly meetings every Thursday at 9:00 p.m. Students can contact The Snapper at:


American Association of University Women

The purpose of MU’s AAUW, among other things, is to prepare students for leadership in the civic realm, offer students an opportunity to exchange ideas on social justice, network members with the global AAUW community of more than 170,000 members, and support women in gaining positions of leadership across campus. Meeting times will be announced. For more information, adviser Jill Craven. Want to get involved with AAUW? Consider taking on a leadership position for the 2019-2020 school year.

Creative Writers’ Guild
(Photo courtesy of Jacob Coopersmith)

Creative Writers’ Guild is a place for MU students to mingle and share ideas, discuss their passions, and simply enjoy one another’s company.  The members have essentially become a family, and there is always room for more family members to join. Every meeting, club members are given a prompt to guide their writing, but have the freedom to create anything they like. Members have done everything from fanfiction to poetry to improv storytelling, and are always looking to try new writing prompts.  The club meets on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm in Chryst 210. To learn more, contact President Jacob Coopersmith.


George Street Press Open Submissions!

George Street Press  is Millersville University’s literary magazine, open to students and faculty alike.  Submissions are open for the Spring 2019 Edition!

This year, the club will be accepting submissions until March 8th. One student/faculty/alumni university member may submit:

  • 3 poems (one poem cannot exceed two pages)
  • 2 pieces of prose (one piece should not exceed 4,000 words)
  • 2 pieces of non-fiction (one piece should not exceed 4,000 words)
  • 3 pieces of flash-fiction (each 500 words or less)
  • 5 pieces of original art (submit in .jpg format)
  • 1 experimental piece (found poems, screen-plays, the strange, genre-bending, and unknown)

To submit, please email with your name, contact info (phone number/email), as well as any notes about your pieces for the editors. All documents must be in .docx or .doc format, and art pieces must be in .jpg format. Once a piece is printed into the magazine, the writer is officially a printed author! This is a perfect opportunity for English Majors to get ahead in the creative world.

About a week before the end of the semester, the George Street Press will host a release party for the Spring 2019 Edition! Stay tuned for more information. Here are some photos from last year’s event:

Contact Kitsey Shehan or Sara Pizzo for more information about club meetings/submission guidelines or visit their Get Involved page. Photo Credit: GSP

George Street Press Open Submissions

Last Year's Magazine
Last Year’s Magazine

George Street Press (formally George Street Carnival) is Millersville University’s literary magazine, open to students and faculty alike. The magazine is completely student run and published at least once a year, full of poetry, short fiction, essays, creative nonfiction, photography, painting and sculpture. Kitsey Shehan is the President of the club with Sara Pizzo as the Vice-President.

If you are interested in assisting the publication, the club meets on Monday nights in Club De’Ville (the commuter lounge) in the lower level of the SMC at 8:30pm.

This year, the club will be accepting submissions until March 31st. One student/faculty/alumni university member may submit:

  • 3 poems (one poem cannot exceed two pages)
  • 2 pieces of prose (one piece should not exceed 4,000 words)
  • 2 pieces of non-fiction (one piece should not exceed 4,000 words)
  • 3 pieces of flash-fiction (each 500 words or less)
  • 5 pieces of original art (submit in .jpg format)
  • 1 experimental piece (found poems, screen-plays, the strange, genre-bending, and unknown)

To submit, please email with your name, contact info (phone number/email), as well as any notes about your pieces for the editors. All documents must be in .docx or .doc format, and art pieces must be in .jpg format. Once a piece is printed into the magazine, the writer is officially a printed author! This is a perfect opportunity for English Majors to get ahead in the creative world. Here is the Get Involved page for more information on the club.

American Association of University Women (AAUW) meeting on Thursday, October 5th, in McComsey 266

Women–and people who care about women–can make a difference in this world!

The first meeting of the American Association of University Women (which is open to all genders/gender identities) Millersville Branch will be Thursday, October 5th, in McComsey 266.  All student, staff, and faculty are invited.

Our members are interested in connecting with other organizations interested in social justice, and particularly focused on honing our skills to argue our perspectives and learning techniques of Non-Violent Resistance (NVR).  We plan to participate in the social justice event on 10/23/17.  We also hope to facilitate a Rapid Response team that can help when social injustice occurs on campus.

The purpose of AAUW is

  1. To prepare students for leadership in the civic realm, particularly in the realm of social justice.
  2. To offer students an opportunity to exchange ideas on social justice and plan social justice-related activities.
  3. To learn more about social justice through writings, literature, and speakers offered by members and advisers within the club.
  4. To offer opportunities whereby members can voice opinions in an open forum.
  5. To establish comradeship between the members and also with the faculty.
  6. To network our members with the global AAUW community of more than 170,000 members for personal and career growth.
  7. To promote more discourse about issues and how to effectively talk about these issues.
  8. To support women in gaining positions of leadership across campus.
  9. To engage on issues with the Lancaster community and other AAUW organizations.

Millersville undergrads can join the national organization for free: [select STUDENTS option]

  • AAUW has been empowering women as individuals and as a community since 1881. For more than 130 years, members of AAUW have worked together as a national grassroots organization to improve the lives of millions of women and their families.  If you believe in equal opportunity for ALL people, then we need your voice.

Before the meeting, please check out AAUW’s website for its resources.  Grad students should particularly explore the grants available.  Also, if you are on Facebook, join our new AAUW Millersville Facebook group.

  • Please share the information with other people (on/off campus; men/women; undergrads/grads/faculty/staff; etc.) who might be interested in social justice issues.  They can just come to the first meeting to join.

Come, join us!  You can talk to an AAUW faculty mentor today for more information:

  • Kat Walsh (Social Work)
  • Christine Filippone (Art)
  • Nicole Pfannenstiel (English)
  • Nitu Bagchi (Government)
  • Erin Moss (Math)
  • Karen Rice (Social Work)
  • Beth Powers (Education)
  • Jill Craven (English)

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a [wo]man changes his[/her] own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him[/her]. … We need not wait to see what others do.”