George Street Press wants YOU to submit your creative projects!

The George Street Press is running again! Rising from the ashes, this student led literary and art magazine is seeking submissions of your creative projects! Accepting works of poetry, short prose fiction, drama, stylistic nonfiction, painting, drawing, digital designs, and more. You can even join as a member to gain insights into the world of publishing as well as help guide the creation of 2023-2024 issues. Check out the links below to connect with the Press and enter your submissions.

Image created by GSP secretary Amelia Cusanno

George Street Press on MU’s Get Involved

This is where you can apply for membership as well as get access to all the important information about the aims of the Press, board members, and submission guidelines.


Instagram @mu_georgestreetpress

Follow here for updates and meeting reminders.

Or on Discord:

Submission Form

Make sure you check out the Press’s guidelines for submissions on their Get Involved page to ensure you are meeting all their prerequisites for length, content, and more.


Past issues can be found here: . However, please note that this is no longer the website in use so please follow the other links above for current information.


Best of luck to those who submit and to the Press’s board and members for the revival of this fantastic journal!