Why You Should Consider Majoring in English

It is hard to believe that the end of the semester is quickly approaching. The conclusion of this academic period provides a time to reflect on different aspects of your semester, such as your major. If you feel that your current major is not the best fit for you, I encourage you to consider majoring English, as it teaches and enhances many skills and values that are applicable to any career field.

Majoring in English presents an opportunity to develop and strengthen one’s confidence as a writer, speaker, and creator. The variety of courses that are offered within the major here at Millersville present an opportunity to practice and master necessary skills such as writing, analysis, critical thinking, and intensive reading. The lessons, skills, and values that are presented within each course are a jumping-off point for a career in a variety of disciplines, such as teaching, law, or public relations. Communication and collaboration are two skills that are interwoven within almost every career field. English majors are sought out after graduation as new hires because of their understanding of these skills. A study reported by CBS found that English majors are more wanted by employers than business majors. The study states “students in these majors (like business) may not be learning communication and critical thinking skills, which means they may lack the writing and reasoning abilities that employers want in new hires” (Picchi). This statement shows how valuable the skills learned within the major are in post-graduate career options, and how majoring in English provides the same, if not more, employment opportunities.

If you have an interest in pursuing a major in English, know that your involvement within the major allows for a strengthening of collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills, all of which and many more can be applied to any career you choose after college.