The Fiction Section in McNairy that you Need to Check Out

Autumn has finally arrived here at Millersville, and along with the crisp air and longer nights comes the opportunity to participate in more fall activities. This includes the likes of visiting a pumpkin patch, watching scary movies, and enjoying a delicious cup of apple cider. One of my favorite fall activities is cozying up with a good book and losing myself within its pages. Luckily, one librarian here at Millersville has created a fiction section with McNairy library that is perfect for these autumnal days.

This week I had a chance to speak with Kimberly Auger, the librarian who put this collection together. Her inspiration for creating the fiction display came from her previous employment at West Chester University. “While I was working at West Chester, I saw how much interest the popular fiction section generated, as both students and faculty would browse the selection” she describes. Auger explains that at most university’s libraries there is no allowance for browsing, as in academic research students already have an idea of what they are looking for. By creating this fiction display, Auger hoped to showcase a different perspective of reading, one that encourages students to read for their own pleasure. “I wanted students to enjoy the relaxation of reading, something that comes by briefly disengaging with reality” she explains. The fiction display allows students to take their time and browse, taking in each book cover and description to find the perfect book for them. Each of the books that were carefully curated for this fiction section feature popular authors and works from the last ten years. This display will be available until the end May, so make sure to visit and enjoy while you can!