Events to Look Forward to This Semester

Welcome back students! I hope the first few weeks of the semester  have treated you well. Before I get into the content of this blog post, I would like to quickly introduce myself. My name is Heather, and this is my first semester in graduate school here at Millersville. I recently graduated last spring from MU, and am excited to be back this semester as a GA for Dr. Pfannenstiel. One thing I always looked forward to in my undergrad years was all the different events Millersville hosted throughout the semester. Many of these events are connected to various groups on campus, such as Ville UAB, Her Campus, The Snapper, and Expressions. By highlighting each of these groups, I hope you not only find some events to look forward to, but also discover some clubs you could join next semester!

The University’s Activities Board is the club on campus that is responsible for most of the fun events frequently offered for students at Millersville. By the time of the blog publication, Ville UAB will be taking students for a day of thrills and excitement at Hershey Park. Starting college can simultaneously be one of the most exciting and lonely experiences. Ville UAB provides a safe space for students to meet new friends and an opportunity to get off campus. Some of the many events they offer throughout the semester include movie nights on the quad, DIY creative events, bingo nights, and field trips to local fun spots. The full calendar of events for the fall semester can be found on Ville UAB’s Instagram @villeUAB.

As someone who is getting their master’s in English, I would argue that reading is something to get excited about. Millersville has two extremely talented student-run organizations that create and publish their own work for all to enjoy for free. The Snapper is Millersville’s student run newspaper that has been around since 1925. It’s long-standing presence at Millersville gives a platform for students to write about the issues and events on campus, along with other topics such as world events, pop culture, sports, and astrology. I had the chance to speak with the Snapper’s editor-in-chief Shaun Lucas to discuss the newspaper and what to expect this semester. “I am so excited to once again lead the Snapper during my senior year” he states. “Our team did a lot of fantastic work the past two semesters, and I know everyone is going to keep excelling as we work together.” With such a positive message from the head of the Snapper, I’m sure there are great things to expect from the publication this semester. To read the Snapper’s first issue of the semester, check out their website or look for physical copies published weekly around campus.

The Her Campus chapter at Millersville is an online publication that aims to “focus on women empowerment and supporting the women on campus and in the surrounding community.” As seen through scrolling through their bright and informative blog posts, Her Campus is an organization that lifts up female college students and gives them a platform to discuss relatable issues and events. The articles written by the various staff members of the publication cover topics such as culture, style, wellness, career, and various life events. This semester, Her Campus is hoping to partner with some non-profits and charities in the community along with potentially hosting a fundraiser at a local restaurant. For updates on these events and more information on Her Campus, make sure to follow their Instagram @hercampusmillersville and check out their website to read their amazing articles.

Finally, I would like to highlight an amazing organization that is close to my heart. The Expressions dance group at Millersville provides students the chance to dance in weekly classes in styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and hip hop in a non-competitive environment. At the end of each semester, Expressions hosts a recital to showcase all of their hard work that all are welcome to attend. Outside of the dance studio,  this organization hosts many fundraisers at local restaurants that all students are invited to join. If dance is something you are interested in or have experience with, I highly recommend auditioning next semester. To learn more about Expressions, make sure to follow them on Instagram @expressions_mu.