English & World Languages Department News

By: Artemis Harris

Welcome English and World Languages Students 

This blog space is being revived to become a new source of information for students and faculty. There will be upcoming articles with more information regarding developments from the department as well as helpful information for students about different offerings within English and World Languages.  

The semester is in full swing and as we move forward the most important questions students should be asking themselves are: How should I be using Millersville’s resources to my greatest advantage? When I leave here, how can I set myself apart from everyone else?  

That is where that first question comes into play. Millersville, especially within the English and World Languages Department, has so much to offer students so they can go above and beyond in their academic and future careers. This will help your professional ambitions down the line.  

Listed below are a few things that the English and World Languages department has to offer.  

Have you considered an Internship? Internships provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply classroom knowledge and to strengthen your professional work habits.  

Study Abroad opportunities are always an option as well. The office of International Programs and Services offers programs for students wishing to study, work, or volunteer abroad. It also allows faculty, staff, and other community members to participate in international education activities. 

Have you considered joining Clubs and Organizations? Millersville has an extensive list of clubs and organizations; however, the English and World Languages Department supports:  

  • The Creative Writers Guild 
  •  English Club 
  • Film Club 
  •  The George Street Press 
  • And more

Also associated with the English Department and/or Millersville is: 

  • The Snapper  
  • The Engage for Change Journal 
  • MUsings The Graduate Journal 

Be on the lookout for a more detailed explanation of these offerings and more in future blog posts. 

Graduate Students: be sure to subscribe to the Graduate Studies in English & World Languages blog for updates specific to Graduate Studies and student needs.    

News and Announcements 

  • The Fall web schedule and other registration information becomes available online March 1. Check the Academic Calendar for up-to-date information.  
  • Graduate Registration begins April 5th  
  • Undergraduate Registration for Fall 2022 begins April 7th-15th. See the registration guide and Appointment Schedule on the Registration Information page for more details.  
  • Millersville’s Swedish partner International English School will be on campus conducting interviews during the first week of March to recruit teachers to join a fantastic working environment starting in early August 2022. They are looking for teachers who are passionate about their subjects with the ability to inspire students. If this is of any interest to you, then please visit International English School for more information.  
  • The Engage for Change Journal has just released its inaugural issue on environmental justice. The Engage for Change Journal is a new journal affiliated with Millersville University that focuses on spreading knowledge about political, social, and economic issues that affect the Lancaster area. Articles published in the journal are written by Millersville students, staff, faculty, and community members. For more information, please visit the journal website at Engage for Change. Also, follow them on Instagram at @engageforchangejournal to keep up with new developments.  
  • Made in Millersville is right around the corner. In-person and online presentations will be presented on April 12, 2022 in McNairy Library. For more information about the event or the Made in Millersville Journal, please visit their website at Made in Millersville. 
  • Dr. Pfannenstiel will be hosting an online Graduate Q & A that is coming up soon. It could answer many of the questions you have about the graduate program. More information and details to come.  
  • MUsings The Graduate Journal is in the process of creating its Spring 2022 issue. More information and details to come.  
  • Friday May 6th the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning will be holding the Graduate Commencement Ceremony.   
  • Saturday May 7th the Baccalaureate Commencement Ceremony will be held.