Marisa Koulen

Marisa Koulen is receiving her MA and continuing on for the Ph.D. in Houston.

Marisa is receiving her MA after finishing her BA at Millersville, and now she is leaving us for Houston!

Marisa’s favorite class was English 680 – Digital Portfolio because it allowed her to reflect on the learning outcomes and goals of the MA program. She created a digital space that she could share with future employers or admissions committees that held artifacts from both undergraduate and graduate projects. She took the course with Dr.Pfannenstiel, who led engaging discussion hosting the class via a course hashtag on twitter. Their online class built a sense of community, unlike other online or hybrid courses Marisa has been a part of before. Marisa remarks:

The course challenged you to share your strengths in writing and areas you were looking to improve. I have made life long friends from this class.

Dr. Pfannenstiel also enjoyed Marisa’s work in the course and at AAC&U:

After very thoughtfully approaching the design of her digital portfolio to meet her professional and educational goals, Marisa brought important insight on the student experience with digital portfolio building when we co-presented for the national meeting of AAC&U. She brings joy and smiles and hard work to everything she does. She is a fantastic collaborator! I am so proud of her as she begins her PhD Fall 2020! —

Marisa will be attending the University of Houston. She was admitted to the PhD in English with a concentration in Rhetoric, Composition, and Pedagogy program. She has been awarded a Teaching Assistantship for five years and a Graduate Tuition Fellowship for five years.  Way to go Marisa!

Congratulations Marisa!  We have been so happy and privileged to be part of your journey…

And onto Ph.D.!!