Aleko Kontos

Aleko’s family

Aleko is graduating with a BA in English and a minor in Studio Art.

With his strengths in writing and art and an internship at a television station, Aleko will bring a wealth of skills into the media industry.

Aleko values his time at Millersville for all the friendships he made (some seen above and below left, at Jack’s).

Aleko and friends at Jacks

As far as classes, Aleko loved “anything taught by the man, the myth, the legend, Dr. Tim ‘The Monster’ Miller.” We note that Dr. Miller is reaching legend status around here, and Aleko is not alone in his admiration!

For an internship, Aleko worked at LCTV Channel 66, the regional Lancaster County station;  Aleko made segments, pitched ideas, filmed, edited, animated, interviewed, and created graphics for the station. It was a broad and meaningful professional experience to prepare for a future in graphic design and television.

Aleko–we will miss your energy and charm!  We look forward to seeing your work on television and your impact on media. Congratulations!