Ruya Niu

Ruya Niu is graduating from Millersville University with an MA Degree in English.

Always a coordinated fashionista, Ruya brought an ebullient and sweet spirit to all of her classes. Classmates enjoyed the insights that she had when applying her Chinese experiences to the learning material.

Ruya will be returning back to her home, China, very soon, and will miss Millerville very much. She will miss the friendships she made, especially her Korean-American friend. They delighted in sharing homemade Korean food together. She will also miss her routine drink: a strawberry smoothie from Starbucks.

While at Millersville, Ruya was active in the IPS (International Program Service) TeaTime. She is particularly grateful for all the off-campus exposure that the English Dept had given her, including an organized trip to the movie theatre.

Ruya Niu

Ruya’s most memorable course was Creative Writing with Dr. Judy Halden-Sullivan. In this class, Ruya practiced styles in innovative creative writing. She describes Judy as a “cool cat” who demonstrates the unique spirit and identity of American Modern Culture. She was also blown away by the personalities of some outlandish postmodern poets that cut against the grain of tradition and society. Ruya also took an active interest in the art surrounding the postmodern movement. Ruya’s undergraduate thesis was on the Creative Writing pedagogies in Chinese High School English Classes

After graduation, Ruya would like to either teach English in a Chinese school, or work for the Chinese Embassy.

Congratulations, Ruya! We look forward to hearing about all you will do. Come back to visit!