Joseph Lacombe

Joe is a teacher at Warwick Middle School graduating with his Masters degree.

Joe Lacombe

Congratulations Joe on completing your Masters!  To complete his degree, Joe decided to write a creative thesis, entitled ‘Bird’s Eye: The Journal of Leah Manifold.’ It is a modern-day, absurdist retelling of the Biblical story of Job told from the wife’s perspective. It is epistolary in structure, as it is told through a series of journal entries and editorial comments.

While completing his Masters, Joe also had work published by The George Street Press and MUsings. Although he was not involved in the organization of these publications, he appreciates all those involved in keeping these publications alive.

Joe Lacombe

One of his favorite experiences has been learning from top-notch professors who showed great understanding and displayed a great sense of humor that made him feel at home. He originally attended MU for his Post-Baccalaureate Secondary Certification, but continued on for his MA. He says, “I know I could have gone on to take graduate classes at other institutions; however, Millersville was the only university for me.”

Joe Lacombe

Joe has had great experiences with many classes. One was Creative Writing with Dr. Halden-Sullivan, which was incredibly fun and challenging, because he was introduced to some very interesting styles of poetry that he then had to emulate. Studying Paradise Lost with Dr. Miller was another great experience. Reading and discussing “Critical Theory” (the name of another class) with fellow students and Dr. D’Stair was the highlight of his week last semester. Studying Young Adult Literature with Dr. McCollum-Clark was another personal favorite for similar reasons.

Joe plans to continue teaching and to get some creative work published.

Joe, we look forward to reading your publications!