Rashna Yousaf

Rashna Yousaf will be graduating with a BA in English and a minor in Journalism.  She will be looking for a job at IU13 and getting married after she graduates.

Rashna Yousaf
At Made in Millersville

Rashna loved the intellectual community of Millersville.  She enjoyed being able to  share and cultivate her ideas with others. In particular, she enjoyed working on big events like presenting at Made in Millersville and the annual Literary Festivals.  Rashna even premiered her short film “The Line” at Made in Millersville .

Film has a special place in Rashna’s heart.  She traveled to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) with Dr. Craven in 2017, and got to speak with directors like Brie Larson and Darren Aronofsky during their presentations and discussions at TIFF.

In class, she really loved Philosophy of Film as “all they did was watch films and talk about their meanings.” Milton with Dr. Miller was also a treat. Rashna says she has never taken so many notes on what the professor said (without a Powerpoint!).

Rashna at Niagara on the way to TIFF

Outside of  the classroom, Rashna enjoyed Film Club.  She worked at the Digital Learning Studio where she got to work with editing videos and 3D printing everyday–and got paid for it. She says she couldn’t have asked for a better job.

Rashna would like to pursue a job with IU-13 until her dream job, working for The Bible Project Youtube channel, comes along.

Rashna we look forward to celebrating you as an innovative voice in filmmaking.  Please remember Brie Larson’s encouragement!  As Alfredo says to Toto in Cinema Paradiso, “I don’t want to hear you talk anymore.  I want to hear others talking about you.”