Sean Guckert (Blue)

Sean Guckert will be graduating with a BA in Writing Studies and continuing on to Graduate school.  Many of us will remember Sean for that amazing poem “Sick Note” he performed at the Literary Festival and his always perceptive questions from the back of the room.

Sean Guckert reading “Sick Note” at the MU Literary Festival 2019

Millersville English is inspired by Sean Guckert. Many of us will always remember Sean for his superb poem “Sick Note” he wrote about disability for the fall 2019 MU Literary Festival. This was a moving piece about emailing a professor when you have to miss class as the result of a serious disability. It was an incredible rumination on invisible illness, chronic pain, stigma, and the social impact of physical and mental disabilities. His reading received a standing ovation, and the writing experience inspired him to get involved with the Spring 2020 Disability Pride fest. Unfortunately, this festival has been postponed this year due to Covid-19, but he hopes to be involved in the future.

Sean’s interests are in Feminist Rhetorical Theory.  He wrote his thesis as a call to action for men to transcend virtue signalling, and take real action on Feminist and Women issues. In his thesis, he wants men to act, to be informed, and to be empathetic–not just be supportive or an ally with words. Sean felt it was a personal challenge to explore his own failings, to take accountability, and to start paving a way with his writing to explore and effect change.

Sean Guckert discussing literature with Dr. Jakubiak

Given his interests, not surprisingly Sean’s favorite course at Millersville was Gender & Race Issues in Children’s Literature (EDUC 433) with Dr. Jennifer Burke. He describes it as “an awe inspiring experience, especially for someone working on a Children’s book. Dr. Burke exposed and introduced us to the myriad issues involved with getting the most marginalized among us to be heard and to be seen.”

Sean will be continuing his education in Graduate school here at Millersville University, focusing on his writing studies. He is working on a children’s book and potential series that he hopes to complete and ready for a publisher by the end of 2021. He is also writing a television pilot and speculation script.

Sean was grateful for the many connections he made at Millersville:

I was treated with so much kindness, respect, and thoughtfulness by my peers, the faculty, and the administration. Being an older, non-traditional student can be tough, but I will never forget how wonderful everyone at Millersville was during my three years there as a full-time student. More specifically, my advisor, Dr. P (Pfannenstiel) helped guide me through many challenging experiences. I am eternally grateful for her wisdom, mentorship and patience. (sorry ’bout all of those emails). Dr. Greg Bowen for always being there for me with his dry erase board to work out those dastardly tree diagrams. And Dr. Jill Craven for our impromptu pseudo therapy sessions.

We at Millersville look forward to continuing our journey with Sean as a graduate student and to seeing his drafts turn into publications. We can’t wait to celebrate your successes, Blue!