Free State College: PA Student Power Distributes Pledges Supporting the PA Promise

Jordan Traut is a Junior at MU studying English, concentrating on Comparative Literature. She is working with the PA Student Power Fellowship this semester. Please consider signing the PA Student Power Pledge at the end of the post.

PA Student Power is a social justice activist organization which promotes paid fellowships on campuses across Pennsylvania each semester. This includes sponsoring students at Millersville University.

This semester, PA Power and their fall 2018 fellow, Jordan Traut, are turning a spotlight on free college tuition legislation introduced to both the state House and Senate. House Bill 2444 and Senate Bill 1111, collectively called the PA Promise, aim to make tuition free at PASSHE universities and community colleges.

The PA Promise, if passed, would cover traditional 4-year college tuition expenses and fees for recently graduated high school students if their family’s annual income is less than $110,000. Room and board at any state school or community college would also be covered for families earning $48,000 or less. More information on the bipartisan bill is outlined at

In an effort to garner support for the PA Promise legislation, the PA Student Power organization is distributing voter pledges to Millersville students who support affordable college and other pro-student causes.

To sign a pledge to vote for candidates who support PA Student Power’s College for All initiative, click the link:

For a paper copy of the pledge or to receive more information about PA Student Power fellowship opportunities, contact Jordan Traut at