Break the Chain: On Screen/In Person

On September 27th, the popular On Screen/In Person series is back for a third season, starting with Break the Chain, produced and directed by Laura E. Swanson and Kirk Mason.  Break the Chain is an award-winning feature-length documentary film that highlights the growing child sex and labor trafficking industries through first-hand accounts of survivors and interviews with those working to raise awareness and create solutions.

Break the Chain Official [Trailer] HD – Laura Swanson

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The evening at the Ware Center will begin with a pre-film panel at 6:15pm, including Dr. Karen Rice, Chairperson of the School of Social work at MU; Ms. Pam Pautz, Executive Director of the North Star Initiative; Sarah Fritz, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office on behalf of The Campaign Against the Sexual Exploitation of Children (CASE); and Ms. Elizabeth Bell, Awareness Representative from She’s Somebody’s Daughter. The film will begin at 7pm, ending with a Q&A session led by director Laura Swanson.

Produced and Directed by Michigan documentary filmmakers, Laura E. Swanson and Kirk Mason, “Break the Chain” is an award-winning feature-length documentary film that addresses the often hidden-in-plain-sight issue of Human Trafficking within Michigan communities and the United States. The film chronicles two survivors of Human Trafficking – providing a detailed look at how trafficking goes unnoticed within our backyards. Kwami, a child survivor of Labor Trafficking, was enslaved for nearly five years with three other children in Ypsilanti, Michigan before anyone noticed. Debbie, a survivor of Sex Trafficking, takes us through her experience of being sold for sex around the Detroit-area between the ages of 13 and 18. –

For more information, visit the Ware Center page. For free student tickets, contact Christine FilipponeImage Credit