Student Profile: Kaylee Herndon

Kaylee Herndon
Kaylee Herndon

Kaylee Herndon, a current sophomore and Sports Journalism major at Millersville University, has been attending Bowers Writers House events for three years. The house, founded in the spring of 2010 right outside Elizabethtown College, is an interdisciplinary venue for expression, study, presentation and performance. The public events–usually between 12-15 each academic semester–are always free. From dramatic readings to musical performances to interactive panels, the Writers House’s program is diverse and welcoming to readers and writers alike.

Kaylee first got involved in Writers House because she lived so close to the Bowers Writers House. She has always been involved in the writing/journalism scene; she was the head editor of the E-town ExPRESSion, and wrote for both the Elizabethtown Advocate and The Torch. Also, she is a blogger on Figment, where she was a featured author in 2015. She has also been featured in the VOX magazine, a local publication of Elizabethtown College, and on The Virtual Cavern. Kaylee also runs her own personal blog where she posts articles and miscellaneous works of fiction.


At Made in Millersville, Kaylee presented her feature-style profile piece “‘A Different Space: Inside a local Writers House.” The piece focuses on Elizabethtown College’s Writers House and its director, Jesse Waters. She explained what the house is, some of its struggles, and its connections with the local community and other writers houses. (You can find her abstract for the article on this site by searching “Herndon” at the top)

In the future, Kaylee will continue working with Writers House by finding events professors and students at Millersville would enjoy and organizing the Emerging Writers Festival.