Spring Course Registration

Spring courses are available and listed on the Registrar’s website.  Students should visit with their advisers (listed on their DARS report in MAX) to obtain a TAP number to be able to register at their allotted appointment times (also available on the Registrar’s website).

This spring, Dr. Pfannenstiel will be offering a new course, Web Writing (ENGL 318), which is now an option to fulfill English majors’ Advanced Writing requirement (instead of ENGL 311 or a thesis).

Our thematic core course, Reading Our World (ENGL 242), will feature these themes:

  • Hip Hop Culture
  • American Identity
  • The Bible as Literature
  • Social Justice
  • Storybuilding (requires clearances for secondary school visits)

Students can retake ENGL 242 when the themes differ, so it’s great for an elective too!

Dr. Ording will be teaching a new Comparative Literature seminar on Ernest Hemingway and Virginia Woolf.  If you are interested in these masters of the novel, be sure to check out this course.

Dr. Corkery will be teaching ENGL 347: Studies of Ethnicity in Film which will focus on African Americans in film throughout the Twentieth and Twenty-first centuries.  This course is offered bi-annually, so take it now if you minor in film or are interested in African American cultural studies.  Dr. Corkery can let you in if you don’t meet the prerequisites (ENGL 311).

Students on the Writing Studies track should take note of The Craft of Writing (ENGL 274), Web Writing (ENGL 318), Science Writing (ENGL 319), and Reading and Writing for Civic Change (ENGL 342).

Journalism students should consider taking ENGL 315: Advanced Reporting and  ENGL 330: Computer Assisted Journalism if they have taken ENGL 313 already.

Students who have ESL concentrations should take ENGL 460: Teaching ESL: Speaking and Listening this semester.

Please note that English BSE students who are preparing to register for Sophomore Bloc must have their clearances to register.