Millersville Noonan and SGRCA Grants Now Available

Noonan Grants

Students can earn up to $500 toward scholarly activities by applying for Millersville’s Noonan Grants.  If you have a trip, conference, or creative event  that requires funding, check out the Noonan grants to see if the activity qualifies for funding.

For more information, check out the Noonan Grant website and read the Noonan Guidelines.
The application is due on October 2, 2017 by 11:59 pm.

Please note: Typically, the committee has approved funding for active student participation in conferences and performance competitions, field trips, and programs bringing speakers/consultants/activities to the campus for the benefit of large numbers of students. Generally, grants are limited to transportation, registration, and admissions fees. The committee does not fund meals and lodging; these costs must be borne by the student or another sponsoring group. Noonan requests may not exceed $500.00.

Student Grants for Research and Creative Activity (SGRCA)

These grants are for research or creative projects for both undergraduates or graduate students.  Please review the SGRCA Guidelines for more information on the purposes, requirements, and deadlines for this grant.

The application is due September 25th 2017.

Types of Proposals Funded:
1.  Activities involving student participation, such as performances, competitions, or other presentations at state, regional, or national conferences/meetings. Admission, competition, registration, and transportation costs will be covered up to the maximum award amount.
2.  Support for travel involving a group of students to present research papers may also be requested.
3.  Computer runs / processing charges.
4.  Survey compilations / reproductions charges /mailing costs.
5.  Archival, library and museum fees for research purposes, with associated travel costs/mileage.
6.  Purchase of equipment, materials and supplies.
7.  Purchase of books, DVDs CDs, CD-ROMs, etc.
8.  Photocopies.
9.  Publishing page charges. (Attach verification)
10. Shared research or creative projects.