Graduate Coordinator Welcome

Dear Graduate Students in English,

We are pleased to welcome you to the English Graduate Studies program. The English Department offers an array of specializations, including: writing and rhetorical studies, literary theory, creative writing, and linguistic studies. 

Our English Department is grounded in being a welcoming community of passionate and curious students and faculty. We have core values in social justice and inclusivity. We pride ourselves in being able to offer classes that bring these values into the curriculum. This includes Digital Rhetoric, Environmental Criticism, African American Studies, Latinx Studies, Gender Studies (to name a few). Our forward thinking department consistently looks for ways to work in the digital age through courses that immerse students in online media literacy. Creating an environment that nurtures critical thinking and dynamic discussion is one of our priorities.

Though the process can be rigorous and challenging in multiple ways, we strive to make sure that you receive the resources and assistance you need to succeed. From the beginning to end of the degree, your advisor will help you remain on track. Writing a thesis can be quite daunting, especially if it is your first. Whether it is either a creative or research thesis, your preparation for this task will start sooner than you think. Professors and advisors will be available to dialogue and walk you through your thinking. We encourage a spirit of inquiry, so we hope you feel inspired to write about those big questions that arise during your classes.

We include graduate students in multiple social endeavors throughout the academic year. Along with opportunities to become involved with campus publishing and extra curriculars, students will get a broad sense of academic social life across disciplines in the department, as well as programs on campus. Active leadership and organization of groups and events is commended. Students are encouraged to also go beyond the grounds of the campus and participate in conferences on a local and regional level. We are pleased to offer research scholarships upon application. Our desire is for you to be immersed in all that is available in order to experience the full depth and breadth of the program. Faculty work with and mentor students to prepare them for scholarship beyond the classroom. 

Former Millersville English graduate students have moved forward to pursue a PhD program. Other Millersville graduate students teach and lead within K-12 institutions locally and across the world. Additionally, Millersville graduate students use the skills gained through our program to support non-profit, business, and community organizations

It is important to convey that graduate experiences offer opportunities within and beyond the classroom. You will receive a growth filled experience and skills to take with you into the future. The work can often be challenging or overwhelming, but it will assuredly be intellectually exciting, constructive, and fruitful.

We look forward to guiding you in the process of learning that lasts a lifetime.

Dr. A Nicole Pfannenstiel

Graduate Coordinator, English