Study Spots on Campus

Welcome back graduate students! At the beginning of each new academic year, students start to craft and develop their new routines for the upcoming semester. Although it is easy to go back to what is known, Millersville has many hidden gems on campus that could enhance your work performance.

McNairy library is an amazing space on campus to work or study for long hours. For the first two years I was on campus at Millersville, whenever I went to the library, I always sat in the same spot on the same floor. However, McNairy has so many spots to study and work based on your needs. For example, if you need silence to focus, the sixth and seventh floors are reserved as quiet study floors. These floors provide the opportunity to work in comfortable lounge seating or at private workstations with dividers. If collaborating with others or working in groups is more helpful to your work, however, the first, third, and fourth floors would be a perfect study spot on campus. Each floor of the library also has study rooms, where people working in groups can collaborate in a private setting. If you would like a mix of both working alongside others but in a quiet environment, the reading room located on the first floor of the library is the perfect place.

Another great place to work on campus that may not seem as obvious is the dining areas. The lounge seating outside the anchor or the upper level of the galley are great spots to work if you need a little background noise. Since these spots are close to food, they are also a great place to work on longer assignments or projects, as you have the ability to take a lunch or dinner break.

I hope you all have had a great start to the new school year, and make sure to check back each week for new blog posts both on this site and on the English and World Languages department blog!

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