Ways to Stay Organized During Finals Week(s)

The end of the semester is finally upon us, and with the temptation of warm weather and fun activities, it is easy to forget that the next few weeks are some of the most important of the semester. Within this blog post, I have compiled a list of some ways to try and stay organized and on-track for the final assignments of the semester.

  1. Start Early!

Last semester I made a terrible mistake of starting a fifteen-page paper only 4 days before it was due. This was unintentional, as I had tried to plan ahead, but with the holidays and other projects, my best intentions were unfortunately not enough. Don’t be like Fall semester Heather- the earlier you start your process for your project, such as your research, outlining, and drafting, you could be done your project before the due date. Also, by allowing yourself this extra time to work on your projects, the less stressful they will become. This highlights another additional benefit of starting early, as your project can be something you enjoy doing instead of an anxious activity that you have to do.

  1. Ask Questions.

All of the professors in the English and World Languages Department are incredibly helpful and friendly. If you are struggling with your final assignment and have no idea where to start, the best place would be your professor’s office hours. Remember, they want to see you succeed!

  1. Use an Organizer

Whether it be a planner, a journal, or a calendar, make sure you have a spot where you can document and look back on and remind yourself of important due dates. You can also use this space to plan out your days and create lists of what you want to accomplish, which can also increase productivity and reduce stress.

  1. Take Breaks

Although these next few weeks are notorious for their late work nights and their early rises, make sure to take breaks throughout the progress of your work. By doing this, you will avoid frustrations surrounding your work by giving yourself time to think of new ideas and allowing your brain to rest so you don’t face any potential burnout during these next few weeks.


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