Upcoming Opportunities to Present or Publish Your Work

Written by Heather Verani

In one of my recent posts, I discussed one way of how to get your research/literary work officially published (according to Penguin Random House.) This way of publishing or sharing your research may seem a bit intimidating, as there is a high chance for rejection. Thankfully, Millersville University provides ample opportunities to present your findings in a welcoming environment that will help with the navigation of both the publication and presentation processes. Below I have included three different events/opportunities that the University is offering in the near future, and hope that you find one that fits your interests.

Made in Millersville

This conference is hosted annually at the University and allows students to present their academic or creative works. Made in Millersville is a great opportunity to share and discuss your research outside of the classroom, as you can connect with other students, professors, or individuals with similar interests who also attend the conference. It also gives you the chance to practice making a poster (a tool which is needed at other conferences) and the skills needed to give a successful presentation, such as timing and how to tailor your presentation for the audience in front of you. Presenting at the conference is also a great addition to any resume. Applications for Made in Millersville close on Friday, March 3rd, and the event will be held on Tuesday, April 11th in the SMC.

10th Annual Global Well-Being & Social Change Conference

            This conference provides a more focused area of study for students who are interested in submitting a proposal, as it is centered around the seventeen sustainable development goals from the United Nations. The UN describes the SDGs as “a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.” If you feel you have a previous project or a working idea that would fit one of the sustainable development goals, this conference would be another great opportunity to practice and enhance presentation skills. The deadline for submissions is April 1st, and the conference itself takes place on Friday, April 21st at the Ware Center. Below I have included links on the conference for additional information.

Link for submitting proposals: https://millersville.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9uw1Pruuzc4ZoKq

Link for information on the conference: https://millersvilleuniversity.sharepoint.com/sites/villedaily/SitePages/10th-Annual-Global-Well-Being-Social-Change-Conference-Call-for-Student-02-13-2023-1618.aspx?CT=1676327124522&OR=OWA-NT&CID=9835b62a-9914-5fd1-a2c4-b4706d68eea1

MUsings Graduate Journal

The MUsings graduate journal is an invitation for graduate students to have their academic and creative works published. The journal accepts a wide range of topics, including (but not limited to) research projects, reflections, personal essays on experimental learning, papers on pedagogy, literary and film criticism, poetry, visual art, flash fiction, or essays on cultural theory. The graduate journal is not limited to just English graduate students, but graduate students from every department that would like to contribute. Students can also submit more than one piece if they so wish. The work should be less than 10,000 words each. This is a great opportunity to have your work published, and to put that you are a published writer your resume. It also allows one to experience and familiarize oneself with the editing/feedback side of the writing and publishing process. Below I have included links on where to submit applications and more information on the journal itself.

Link: https://www.millersville.edu/admissions/graduate/current-student-resources/graduate-journal.php#submit