Welcome to the Spring 2022 Semester

By: Artemis Harris

Greetings English and World Languages Graduate Students 

Welcome Back to Millersville for the Spring Semester of 2022! 


Not only is it a new semester, but it is also a new year. With a new year comes a new beginning! A chance to start fresh and build a better tomorrow!  


It’s important that you keep these questions in mind as you navigate the new semester: 

What will the semester bring for you?  

What goals will you achieve or set for yourself?  

Where do you see yourself at the end of the semester?  

What can you do differently this semester to be more successful and better prepared? 

How can you best utilize all that Millersville has to offer you?  

Some of you are presenting at conferences, presenting and defending your thesis or graduating. Others should be thinking about these things as they will soon be approaching. Now is the time to take stock of what is happening, what is going to happen, and what is important to you moving forward so that you can better prepare for what is to come. 

 As we look forward, let us not forget to appreciate what has happened as well.  

We spoke with a few graduate students from the English and World Languages Department about what they did over the Winter break to see what Marauders do in their free time. 

Luis Nieves Figueroa, who is getting his MA degree in English, went to Disney World over his Winter break and sent us this picture with the following quote,  

“It’s always good to take a break and recharge, but I’m ready to tackle this semester!” 


Hayley Billet, who is defending her thesis in the Spring and graduating with an MA in English, had this to say about her Winter break,  

“Thesis work and preparing for a conference is not easy, it can be a challenge at times, but I know the results are worth all the stress and headaches.” 


Maddie Bair, who is graduating in the Spring with her MA in English, went to see a Broadway musical with Jordan Traut over the Winter break. She sent us this quote and a picture as well. 

“Seeing Dear Evan Hansen over the break reinvigorated my passion for working with learners, mental health (the focus of my thesis), and the power of our words. I’m refreshed and looking forward to my final semester in the MA English program!” 


A Reminder to all English and World Language Graduate Students 

During your time in the Graduate Program, you should expect to take Summer and/or Winter courses in order to meet your degree requirements. 

For 2022 Millersville is offering the following Summer classes:  

  • Summer 2: CRN 2157 ENGL 663 50A   
  • Applied Linguistics (Online)  
  • Summer 3: CRN 3435 WRIT 673 50A   
  • Professional Writing Workshop (Online)  

Both classes will help satisfy your degree requirements. If you have questions, speak with your advisor, who will be happy to help.  

To see the current classes being offered for the Spring semester and Summer terms (1, 2, and 3) Click Here to be directed to the web schedule. From there you can search directly for the classes by the CRN number, by subject and course number, or do a general search of the schedule to view what is offered.  


We spoke with two students who took Winter classes to gauge their experiences, and this was their response: 

Jordan Traut who is graduating in the Spring with an MA in English, took (and helped designed) ENGL 686: Anishinaabe Linguistics, an individualized instruction taught by Dr. Corkery to fulfil her linguistics requirement. On the class, she sent this quote:  

“I believe I achieved more than simply memorizing new words; I gained insight into the mindset of native Anishinaabemowin speakers, studying how their language serves as a blueprint for their original history and evolving stories.” 


Artemis Harris, who is getting his MA in English, took 2 Winter classes over the break: ENGL 614 Profession of English Studies with Dr. Pfannenstiel and ENGL 691 Post-Humanism in Speculative/Science Fiction Literature and Film, an Independent Student with Dr. Mondello that he also helped design. He quoted: 

“It was a little tough taking 2 winter classes at the same time, but they were well worth it! The foundational information I got from taking 614 was invaluable and will serve me well for my thesis writing! My class with Dr. Mondello was AMAZING! Probably the best class I’ve taken so far from Millersville. I have a new appreciation for Post-humanism and Science/Speculative Fiction!” 



  • Dr. Pfannenstiel will be hosting an online Graduate Q & A that is coming up soon. It could answer many of the questions you have about graduate related topics. More information and details to come. 
  • The deadline for submissions to Made in Millersville is February 15. If you have any proposals or submissions Click Here to apply! 
  • If you were in Drama 642 in Spring 2021 with Dr. Corkery, there is a field trip to The Fulton Theater in Downtown Lancaster to see Sweat, the play based off the working class of Reading, Pennsylvania by Lynn Nottage. It is available for free to students who took this class. For more information email Dr. Corkery.  


From everyone at the English and World Languages Department 

 Welcome back students!  

Have a safe and productive semester!