Publish with Us

Who can Publish?

The Journal welcomes submissions from undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines, faculty (full-time or part-time) from all disciplines, and community members.  The Journal is particularly interested in collaborative submissions (student-student, faculty-student, student-community member, faculty-community member, or the like) and submissions that connect to the Lancaster County region.

Why Publish?

The Journal will provide a venue to engage with pressing social, political, and economic issues across disciplinary boundaries.  Authors can benefit as follows:

  • build communication, research, and writing skills by working with the editorial team to write and refine their articles for publication

  • increase their knowledge of important social, political, and economic issues affecting their community 

  • have the opportunity to engage with these issues and share their writing, research, and perspectives on those issues with the community

  • be able to explore creative and scholarly expressions they may not otherwise have encountered

  • enhance graduate school applications, resumes, job applications, and promotion applications