Journal Aim

The Journal functions to identify relevant public issues affecting the community; facilitate understandings of public issues through research, critical reflection, and discussion; provide an outlet for community members to express their informed and researched perceptions on issues; represent diverse voices from Millersville students, staff, and members of the Lancaster community.

The Journal will:

  • harness the expert knowledge of faculty, students, administrators, staff, and residents to foster meaningful engagement on issues of mutual interest

  • encourage innovation and creativity by providing a venue to explore and write on issues of significance to our community

  • create partnerships and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration between the university and the community by linking individuals, organizations, and residents with faculty, students, and administrators¬†

  • provide important professionalization for students who serve as interns and staff¬†

  • demonstrate the power of writing to communicate research and points of view through multiple genres of expression and through various types of analysis

  • promote and support a culture of compassionate engagement by educating the community and sparking interest in key political, social, or economic issues