R2P #5: Synthesis

Throughout these posts, I have noticed significant growth in my content, conventions, and though each step of the R2P process. As far as my growth in  Observations, I feel that I went from simply completing the tasks being asked of me to drafting an observation that is engaging and detailed, such as the cohesive story. My growth in the Question step of the process is not as obvious due to the fact that I worked with the same question throughout the project. However, my growth for the Research step is more obvious as I found more quality and more recent publications to reference, with my last post including an article from 2014.  Furthermore, my growth in the Reflection aspect can be seen through my analyses in each post, each one having more thought and depth behind it the more I got used to it. My growth in technology skills is evident in the hyperlinks I used throughout the posts. in addition to hyperlinks, I also completed a podcast post for the first time with my group; this was a new form of media to me.

If I were to do this project again, I think I would try to incorporate more podcasts and even possibly include my peers in them to create a cohesive story/conversation. This project taught me how to look more closely at my own observations and identify a core question to focus and conduct more research on.   I would advise those who complete this project in the future to use a different question for each post, unlike what I did.