Another Beacon of Hope



After a long weekend, we were pleasantly greeted by a third sprout. 

Although the plants in our system are not as large as those in other systems, we are optimistic that there will be much growth soon.

We got a little bit of a later start because of the pump failure, so this is to be expected. 

Now it is a waiting game until the plants have substantial leaves. (Joe Steinmacher)


Growth upward has proven to be a challenge in our system.  One of our radish plants actually pushed leaves but never broke the surface of the Hydroton.  The theory here is that the hydro-clay is too loose to support the plants.  Today we also added twelve night-crawlers to the grow-bed.  They needed a few minutes to warm up and become active.  As soon as they were, they burrowed beneath the surface of the bed.  Ideally, they will further process the fish waste and help disperse it throughout the grow bed.   As a side note, the fish continue to do well and the water in the aquarium remains quite clear and “clean”.  If nothing else we’ve built a unique and effective aquarium filtration system.

We now have a third sprout. The second is still beneath the surface, but, it's there


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