Let There Be Seeds!

Our pumping / siphoning system was a large hurdle to overcome.  Initially the relay system we were using worked quite well on the bench during testing.  When it was installed on our Aquaponics system, it failed to operate properly.  After much troubleshooting and research it was determined that the relay board we were using was triggered by an active LOW signal as opposed to the typical active-high.  After some testing, we solved the problem by changing four lines of programming that basically send the wrong polarity signal to the  relay control.  This basically turns off the circuit, causing the relay to come on.  The pump system has been operating in conjuction with the Bell-siphon for quite some time now.

Finally having solved the ebb and flow system problems, we planted 3 radish seeds and 3 lettuce seeds in the grow bed.  We used pre-germinated seeds to start and did not use anything beyond the Hydroton already in the grow-bed.  Additionally, the fish are growing in size and seem to be happy and healthy in their environment.  The constant cycling  of the water through the grow bed media has kept the aquarium clear and clean.

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