My Educational Gurus!

Hi again!

I am so excited to be discussing one of my favorite topics today, my very own educational gurus! As I study the best techniques for becoming a teacher, I have many people that I look up to for guidance through this journey. My second grade teacher is definitely a role model for me. She is one of the reasons why I decided to become an educator. I had the opportunity to work with her during my senior year of high school and I learned so much from her. She taught me one of the most important lessons I still use to this day, which is to always start each day with a new slate. Everyone will have bad days once in a while, but it is crucial to hit the reset button to have a more clear mind when teaching.

While attending a variety of education classes at Millersville, I have been able to discover more people to look up to in the world of education. One person’s pedagogy that I have been able to connect with most is that of Maria Montessori’s. Her teaching style was very child-driven, providing an age-appropriate environment for her students to engage in. She felt that children should have the freedom to play, individually or collaboratively, and explore independently to reach their full potentials. I love this approach because giving children this freedom allows them to fully explore their own abilities and creativity. Play and creativity are proven to support the development of children, so I always lean towards any approach that uses these two in the classroom. I also love to keep in mind Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I think it is so important to make sure students’ basic needs are met so that they can actually focus on their learning.

My professors are doing an amazing job at providing answers to the why and how in the field of early childhood education. Before coming to college, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. There are so many different aspects to early childhood education that I’m still diving into. Having the support of my professors is monumental because I am able to ask them questions whenever any arise. My co-op, and my previous co-ops, are also teaching me so much about being an educator. I appreciate their willingness to open up their classrooms to us. I learn from them just by observing and working with the children in their rooms.

Everyone combined in my previous statements, with the addition of my peers, speaks the truth and shares new insights with me. The theorist I chose is very well known with her research and methods. My style of teaching will be heavily influenced by her pedagogy. My professors and co-ops have so much experience that their insights involve stories and advice that they have acquired throughout their careers. I know to trust these insights because they are genuinely trying to help us become the best teachers we can be. I mentioned my peers because having class discussions has also taught me a lot. The insights of my peers provides a variety of perspectives on teaching strategies that inspire my own pedagogy. I love hearing the thoughts of my peers.

I am inspired by many different people involved in the world of education. I look forward to hopefully being someone that inspires others as well!

Thanks so much for reading!

-Julia 🙂

Hi everyone!


I am Julia Park and I am in my junior year as an Early Childhood Education major at Millersville University. I have created this blog to keep track of my experiences this semester. We go out to our field placements this Tuesday and I am so excited!

While using this blog, I plan to share my own experiences, techniques or ideas I learn, and reflections I have on my teaching skills. Stay tuned for more updates about my time out in the field!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

– Julia