October 31

Today Aaron and I checked on our system and were very surprised to see that our plants are doing exceptionally well.  We worried about complications due to the Hurricane but there were no serious problems to deal with.  The water in our system was a little low so we added more to our desired water level.  Then Aaron checked the PH of our liquid and it was also good.  One other problem we ran into was a ladybug on our system.  We will have to do research and see what we need to do to prevent insects on our system.

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  31. I thought ladybugs were good to have around, but I might be wrong. Your plant growth looks great, and even better in person. You are making great progress. I am running into the problem of high pH levels. It seems like every time I check on my plant, the pH levels are well above what they should be. Have you run into this problem of high pH levels? If so, what have you done to stabilize it? Also, how high do you have your solution and water mixture up to your plant? Is your plant submerged or do you have the water level barely touching the bottom of your plant? I have read different things on different sites, but you seem to be doing something right, keep it up.

  32. Plants are coming along very well in your system. As far as the ladybug is concerned i think it has to do more with the temperature outside getting cold so they search for a nice green environment inside. Your best bet to keep them out is to keep an eye out for them now that you know its a possibility and remove them. Other than that i’m not sure there is much that you can do short if some sort of spray.

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