October 31

Today Aaron and I checked on our system and were very surprised to see that our plants are doing exceptionally well.  We worried about complications due to the Hurricane but there were no serious problems to deal with.  The water in our system was a little low so we added more to our desired water level.  Then Aaron checked the PH of our liquid and it was also good.  One other problem we ran into was a ladybug on our system.  We will have to do research and see what we need to do to prevent insects on our system.

October 29

Due to Hurricane Sandy Aaron and I were unable to check our system today.  We hope that our system will be ok through the storm.  If the school loses power we worry that our plants will die because the light is unable to come on.

Octtober 24th

Entering class today Connor made a quick pH check and saw it was remaining at 5.9. With our system currently not needing any maintenance we took a picture of our constantly growing plants and mainly looked to our aesthetic appeal. Last class we added glue and a bar clamp to our left side due to a bow in the bored. We could only speculate that the heat form the light caused this problem, so we re-glued and applied a clamp and are hoping for the best.


October 17, 2012

We have growth.

Today Aaron and I check our system and we stumbled across some good and also bad information.  We found that in two days our plants are starting to grow.  As for the bad news, we found out that the outside wood shell is starting to bow out at the glued joints.  We will have to find a way to strongly secure the sides.

Day 1

Today, Connor and Aaron finished our hydroponics system, and solution mixture. This enabled us to plant our seeds in anticipation for a bountiful harvest. In our hydroponics planter we planted mesclun seeds approximately 2-5 seeds per cup holder with a total of 6 cups. Connor and Aaron are hopeful that we have designed and constructed the optimal hydroponics project.