Reading Strategies Used For Dr. Garcia or Dr. Corkery Class

These reading strategies help me in a major way in bettering my grade to my intention. Me and classmates had to write a 6 paragraph on our experience to the African America Museum in Baltimore and we all use the methods Ms. Michelle taught us to apply to our essay. It showed me to enhance my reading skills, highlight the important points and take all the im

Reading Strategies #2

We are currently getting articles and stories from both our classes that I’m impacting my new note taking skills to receive better academics. In Color of Water, which is over a 200 page story that we have to keep taking notes constantly to understand the book  more easier. Using the method you gave us give organization from rereading to studying much quicker than reading down the notes in the book. I’m proud of myself because the grades are moving up 20% more than usual and my notebook looks neater than ever. This technique is definitely coming with me in my freshman year of college to not only make me a better person in school, but overall change the way I take notes on all my classes.


Basketball played a big role in my life since I was a kid, even when I was feeling down I just went to the park and played at the neighborhood park. It just made me feel alive and excluded me from all the negative things that was happening in my life. I started playing basketball at the age of 6 then started playing for an organization at 8.