Millersville DCCS Class Exploration Webinar

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Tonight’s post for our Millersville DCCS blog features a webinar talking about a class that anyone considering majoring in Digital Communications should consider exploring at some point! The class in question is COMM450: Communication and Conflict. While the class is a higher level class, its wealth of lessons for building skills is incredible and can really help to build foundational skills that are appreciated not only by employers but your family and friends as well! Please enjoy and listen closely to this class overview as Josh Amoro demonstrates key facets of this exciting class!

MU Digital Communications and Culture Studies Webinar – COMM450: Communication and Conflict Overview

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Sneak Peek Into Life as a Millersville University Student (DCCS Version)

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Below are pictures taken here at Millersville University by our Communication students to give you a sneak peek at daily life on campus as a DCCS major!

Picture of: Aaliyah Rekais Picture by: Christian Cellasio
Picture of: Christian Cellasio Picture by: Aaliyah Rekais
Picture of: Hash Building on Campus Picture by: Aaliyah Reksid
Picture of: Hash Building on Campus Picture by: Aaliyah Reksid
Picture of: Hash Building on Campus Picture by: Aaliyah Reksid
Picture of: Annie Coghlan in Mcnairy Library Picture by: Aaliyah Reksid


Video Starring Alumni Brianna Landis

Hello, future Millersville students and families!

Picture of and taken by: Brianna Landis

Want to learn about how Millersville helped students after college and during the process of college? Click here to watch a video of Anthony Saraceno, who talks about his time at Millersville University and his life after college.

Have more questions for Anthony? Feel free to ask below!

Video Starring Alumni Anthony Saraceno

Hello, future Millersville students and families!

Picture of and by: Anthony Saraceno

Want to learn about how Millersville helped students after college and during the process of college? Click here to watch a video of Anthony Saraceno, who talks about his time at Millersville University and his life after college.

Have more questions for Anthony? Feel free to ask below!

From Student to Strategist: Starring Liam Crane

Picture from: Liam Crane

Liam Crane is in the middle of his senior year at Millersville University. He is projected to graduate in the spring of 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication with a concentration in Digital Communication and Cultural Studies. Even though Liam has yet to graduate he has a fresh insight into what the major holds and his experience so far.

Why did you choose to attend Millersville University?
I toured a lot of big schools, but I found that they weren’t the place for me. I had come to tour in the winter, and I think I had been drawn to the homeyness feeling of it. I felt like there was more of an opportunity here to just dive in and get something done, as at a bigger school there would be more competition.

Were you always a Digital Communication and Cultural Studies major? Why did you choose DCCS as your major?
Yes, I have always been a DCCS major from the start. I choose DCCS as my major honestly because of the opportunities, as there are so many routes you can go. I need to keep my options open, I like to have backup plans if something were to not work out. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be doing broadcasting, journalism, or editorial work. Being able to experience and get introduced to so many different areas of communication helped me not miss out on any opportunities.

What is your goal after graduation?
I want to find a place just like Millersville where I can grow, so I don’t want to limit my opportunities by choosing a specific job just yet. My main goal is to work for a big corporation where I start at the bottom and be able to climb the ladder and work my way up. That is really encouraging for me to have a goal and pushes me to perform at my very best. I did have a radio internship that turned into a job and in the meantime, I will be working there. In the radio internship, they had put me on air right away, didn’t expect that coming right into it. The internship was at The Morning Show, and they have two people there, the host and a person who writes and reports their own news. I would write and report the weather, promos, etc.. two weeks into the internship they had offered me a job based on my performance. So now I write and report my own news for that. But past the internship, I am looking at jobs in reporting, travel journalism, etc.. anything that will allow me to grow.

How do you feel DCCS can make a difference in local communities?
There is something unique with all the classes I have taken so far where it’s all about perspective. Looking at communities and cultures from different angles you gain a bigger appreciation for smaller aspects that you have experienced compared to others and it pushes you to want to make a difference within each community. I think it gives people a drive to strive to do better for their communities and those who can’t stick up for themselves.

What clubs are you a part of that connect with DCCS? If there are none, why didn’t you get involved and would you go back and change that?
I am in MUTV, which is more involved in media production, but I produce for the sports show and write their script. I do wish that I could have joined the PRSSA mainly because of networking.

What communication events have you participated in with the Communication department?
Within a lot of the courses, many of my professors would bring in guest speakers during class time. Many also gave us extra credit opportunities if we listened to guest speakers out of the classroom on campus and reflected on what they had talked about.

What professor and/or advisors have benefited you the most?
First, I would have to say James Machado was the most real professor that I have experienced. Whether it’s positive feedback or constructive criticism he made me feel like I came out the other side better. Dr. Yang is my advisor, and she is also super encouraging.

What does a typical day look like as a DCCS major?
The first two years were a lot more rigorous than the last two. My day would mainly consist of going to early classes and then going to the library for around 2-3 hours writing notes, and papers, doing research, etc… Now that I have more of a focus on writing and media classes it is a lot of hands-on work in class. It can fluctuate day to day, but mostly just being in the field doing projects.

DCCS Podcast Episode #2

Good afternoon, prospective students!

Picture taken by: Sara Hedglin
Picture of: Josh Amoro

In this podcast, we interviewed super senior Josh Amoro about his life as a Millersville student studying Digital Communications and Culture Studies. Beginning as a freshman in 2019, Josh has learned several interesting and useful skills during his time as a student. Please listen in and enjoy as we delve into the topic with someone who has nearly seen it all!

DCCS Podcast Episode #2

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Ville Voices: Success Stories Starring Alumni Luke Purcell

Picture By: Luke Purcell

Luke graduated from Millersville University in December 2022 and majored in Communications with a concentration in Digital Communication and Cultural Studies. He received his associates at HACC Community College in Human Communication in May 2021. He now works at Leviton and started in June 2023 and works as the Human Resources Coordinator in New Holland, PA.

Can you tell us a little about what you are doing post-graduation?

At Leviton as the human resources coordinator, Luke is in charge of recruiting for manufacturing, sales positions, and IT. He also partakes in on-boarding for new hire orientation. 

Why did you choose Digital Communication and Cultural Studies?

When Luke came to Millersville and transferred over, his advisor at Millersville suggested that he would be a good fit based on his associate’s degree and his interest in working with people and learning about digital media and different cultures. Overall, he really liked the concentration and thought it was a great experience. 

Can you share a few of your most notable experiences as a member of this concentration?

Luke really appreciated the professors at Millersville in the communication department. He believes they were really easy to communicate with and they made their office hours open and available to everyone. He really enjoyed building professional relations with the professors and growing his professional self. One professor that really stood out to him was Dr.Boyle, he shared that he did a great job at teaching students how to really connect with the work

What was your motivation?

Luke shared that nowadays it is really important to be well-versed with technology as it continues to evolve and grow and having this desire to learn about it, encouraged him to work hard so he was able to achieve his goals. In his current role, he has to collaborate with the marketing team and stay up to date on everything going on and this helps him have that motivation to keep learning. 

Do you have any recommendations for prospective students?

One piece of advice he has for prospective students is to grow in your public speaking skills and a communications degree with a concentration in digital communication and culture studies is a great place to do so. It helps open your eyes to new and different cultures and learn how they communicate differently. DCCS really helps you become well-rounded and helps you gain confidence for speaking in front of a crowd.

Ville Voices: Success Stories Starring Alumna Morgan Towle

Morgan Towle – Alumna

Morgan Towle, an alum of Spring 2023 from Ashburn Virginia was a Digital Communication and Cultural Studies Major here at Millersville University Honors College with a minor in Graphic Communication Technology.  Morgan is helping the world one day at a time as a communication coordinator for N.W Works, a 501©3, a nonprofit organization which looks to help adults and individuals with barriers secure meaningful employment opportunities. During her time at Millersville University, Morgan was actively involved in the housing community, being a resident assistant (RA) as well as working with Keystone Human Services by training a Susquehanna Service Dog. Additionally, she was a part of a Millersville Internship CO-OP with the communication department. Although she is only a recent graduate, Morgan shared her insight since graduating and applying her teachings to her current position.

Can you tell us a little about what you are doing post-graduation?

I am a communication coordinator at N.W Works here in Virginia. I create content and media for N.W Works to promote their message of inclusivity within the community. I always wanted to work for non-profits, however, I didn’t think I would be able to so soon in my professional career. Currently, the organization is undergoing a complete rebranding, the first since the company originated over 50 years ago, to become I guess you can say “more modernized.” It’s been amazing to use my creative input and help develop a new website, social media presence, and an overall company redesign.

At first, the workforce felt very intimidating, however, I joined a team that has been nothing short of amazing. My team has supported me as I adjusted to this position, and I am constantly appreciated by the work I produce. It’s very satisfying knowing that not only doing good for my community, but I am also being seen by my company.

Why did you choose Digital Communication and Cultural Studies?

I studied communication studies which was rebranded to Digital Communication and Cultural Studies while I was studying. So, in a way, Digital Communication and Cultural Studies chose me. This major provided me with a lot of skills that I use to help reach my company’s benchmarks and my own personal benchmarks. I knew this path was correct for me. It stood out to me because it favored creativity in content and showed me so many different ways content can not only be displayed, but also how to display them.

Can you share a few of your most notable experiences as a member of this concentration?

The two classes that first come to mind are, Interpersonal Communication and Intercultural Communication. I have always had an interest in opening up conversations between individuals . As a social person, I enjoy meeting new people and I love to see my own circle grow. However,  these classes showed me how to open other individuals’ social circles. The insight from those courses have really given me a stronger perspective when it comes to my job at N.W Works. One of the last classes I took was Digital Media Writing, and during my application process, N.W Works asked if I had any writing I had done that they could use when considering me and I submitted the blogs I wrote for class. I was told they were beyond impressed. I definitely have that class to thank for getting me this job. We also run our website through WordPress, which was especially helpful since that was the platform my blogs were written on.

Outside of being a Digital Communication and Cultural Studies major, I also minored in Graphic Communication Technology, and the material I learned in that class have been especially useful. I would say over ¾ of the material I learned in those courses I have already used in my short time here at N.W Works.

The clubs and organizations at Millerville were amazing. I interned at Millersville, and I was an involved member of the communication department, and I would say that I gained as much knowledge in my clubs as my internship. Not only that, but the content you make in clubs and the various communication events have allowed me to build a strong portfolio. The practical offerings I got from Millersville have helped me immensely.

I work so closely with social media, and these writing classes are as important as anything else. I will say that I wish I had taken more business-related communication classes. We host a plethora of fundraisers and community events, and marketing plays a huge role in that. While I am learning more business applications, I am fortunate to have a strong team around me that can offer me guidance when needed.

What was your motivation?

Digital Communications is a very public industry. I get competitive and look at both my coworkers writing and work, as well as the other non-profits in my area. I selfishly like to compare my work to theirs and try to do the best work possible. But ultimately, my goal is to help N.W Works to reach its company goals. We are very community driven, and these are the fights I wanted to be a part of when I got this position. I have always wanted to help my community, and now I can. So, my motivation is based on what I have a genuine interest in.

It’s funny, because my boss and I were also recently speaking on this topic. We had a whole conversation about this and we both agreed that it was important to work with your specific interests. It’s clear that everyone here has similar goals, and if someone didn’t truly believe in this organization, it would be extremely obvious. I would preach that all day. I am so motivated to come to work everyday because I am working towards something I care about.  

Do you have any recommendations towards prospective students?

The Millersville Digital Communication and Cultural Studies concentration has helped shape my professional life. I gained an immense amount of insight into multiple areas of communication. When I graduated, I asked myself how much of this will I actually use, and it turns out that I use almost all of it, even the parts I thought I would never see. The communication department here is very strong and was especially helpful in leading me to meet new people. The professors and staff helped me through the highs and lows of my academic journey and their support truly meant a lot to me.

When communication studies first transitioned to Digital Communication and Cultural Studies, I was a little nervous as to how impactful it would be for me, however, I could not be happier with my decision. More importantly, prioritize going down a path you feel comfortable in, both in and out of school. The right opportunities will present themselves and it is important to be happy with what you do and who you do it for.