Writing Toward Future Career By James Pearson


There are many reasons why I like to write. Writing provides me with a great opportunity to express myself. I enjoy expressing myself through the various articles I have written. My favorite articles I have wrote were mostly sports related. I have published a couple sports articles on a website called Football.com as well for the college newspapers I attended. The articles I wrote for the website Football.com were about the American Athletic Conference in college football.

I like to write about sports because there is usually surprising action that often happens during the game. My favorite sport to write about is football. When a sport is filled with entertaining plays it keeps me interested in the competition. That is why I find it enjoyable to write about sports because I never know what to expect. Sports are fun to observe but especially fun to write about.

I have a passion for writing because when I graduate from Millersville University I plan to have a career as a sports editor for either an online or print publication. The steps I have taken with my writing will help me to make this goal a reality. I aspire to one day be a well-known sports journalist that publishes the best information about people’s favorite teams.

The way in which I write is also important because I want to use the correct grammar in my writing. As a sports journalism major I must use guidelines such as AP Style when I write. I am always fascinated by how my stories are crafted because it illustrates my knowledge on the topic. That is why I write because writing will lead me on the right path to my future career.