Writing My Troubles Away by Kaitlyn Weller

Growing up, I had a rough time coping with bad situations happening around me. I would bottle up my feelings and, in the end, it would not help me in the long run. I started to journal as a child, and I felt like I finally had a voice. As my time in school progressed, and I would write more essays in my classes, I felt it was one of my strengths. I found writing to be calming. The way I can transform words into a picture for others to see and feel makes me feel purpose as a writer. I enjoy finding the right language to showcase a story or a message. I am never the person to constantly push my feelings and struggles upon someone else. Writing has given me an outlet when I am nervous to speak to someone, or I find myself not ready to face this particular feeling head on. I write about the good in my life too. I am a sucker for a good love letter whether I am writing one for someone or receiving one. The emotion, time, and thought put into a love letter fills my heart with so much joy. I find writing to be there for me throughout any situation in my life. I do not write to just complete an essay for school. I write because I need an outlet for all the good and bad in my life.