Writing is Powerful by Mason Sowers

Writing is a very powerful tool for many people in this world. People write all types of literature whether it be to inform, narrate, or convince. Writing can help people show off their intelligence through essays and wit by writing detailed insightful poems. People can also benefit from writing any type of literature. These people can use writing as a coping strategy if they are stressed out about a circumstance in their personal life. Writing can also bring a person happiness because they can explore all the different types of ways to express themselves through writing. People also write to inspire readers to make changes in their lives or make them feel better about themselves.

The reason I write is because it’s a keyway of communication. A person may not be able to speak directly to family or friends, so they message them on the phone. This way a person doesn’t have to call someone if they are in a hurry. I can also make a text very brief or very long and heartfelt. I text my family every morning before I start my day, no matter how early or late I wake up. Also, when I was younger, I would write in a journal to calm myself down if I was having a rough day. I would write down what was bothering me and then forget about it until I got home and would talk about it when I talked to my parents at dinner. I would also write down the positives to bring up my mood and remember the good in the day.